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A Survival State of Mental Attitude Verses A Movement of Certainty

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By Mae Johnson

There is an enormous difference from being in a survival state of mental attitude verses being in state of certainty. A survival state of mental attitude is a state of out of control and is usually mixed with a bunch of worry, doubt, and fear. This state of mind causes us to miss the magic in the everyday life moments. It is almost impossible to be present minded when in this state because you tend to be trapped…thinking about either the past or future.

The Inner Child 

A movement of certainty is our natural state of being. It is the inner child state of being.…where you live in the moment and where you trust the developing of life. We have been programmed in a way that we have silenced the child inside of us so much that most of us do not know what we genuinely want anymore. The child mindset will allow more happiness to grow because it is when you become more current in your belief. The movement of certainty is obtained by learning to trust in yourself and in the Creator. It is important to have goals, desires, and wishes but it is not necessary to control every little issue that pops up in your life.

In all, the heart is what a child lives by and is what we need to return to. we all need to let this inner child in us out more, to do the work the Divine One desires…to bring about the changes to the forms of life that is unfair and unjust. 

WORDS TO LIVE BY: Trying to control everything will make you miss the splendor of 

That which is you direct path.