Mental Mindscape
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Mental Mindscape: Wholistic Belief & Mind Powers Approach

By GRACE Mental Mindscape: As for the concept of Health, throughout history humans have struggled within their mental prison of their own making. The legacy of judgment, misunderstanding, and distortion befalls incoming humans immediately, crippling them through the well-intended but unenlightened actions of parents. At present the human experience is but a pale comparison to Read More…

Water, Water Everywhere—Environmental
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Water, Water Everywhere—Environmental Natural Resource- Water

By Sandra P. For at least three decades, Americans have talked about our uncertain energy future, but we’ve mostly ignored another environmental crisis – water. Cheap and seemingly abundant, water is so common environmental natural resource that it’s hard to believe we could ever run out of it. Ever since the Apollo 8 astronauts photographed Read More…

Fabulous, Powerful Foods
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Fabulous, Powerful Foods That Fight Pain

Mahogany Revue Fabulous, Powerful Foods That Fight Pain: While many fabulous foods taste great, they can also be powerful healers, naturally packaged in vibrant, multicolored disguises. Plus, these foods won’t cause the nasty, common side effects that often accompany the use of drugs. Here are some fabulous-tasting favorites that can yield extra benefits. Cherries – Read More…