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AUTISM, Down Syndrome, and Other Genetic Disorders

Definition of Genetic: adjective – Of or relating to genes (a unit of heredity) that is transferred from a parent to its child and is thought to cause physical and/or mental characteristics in the child: all the cells in a body should contain the same genetic information.

Definition of Heredity: The passing on of physical or mental characteristics from a male and a female to their children and their children and the following generations.

Simplified Definition of DNA: It is material in a body that carries all of the genetic information.

What Causes Autism, Down Syndrome, and Other Genetic Disorders

Pharmaceutical Companies tell patients and parents that genetics are solely to blame for every medical failure that comes about from using their expensive, toxic, and destructive drugs and procedures. But more and more people are seeing what plenty of research shows, these super drugs and vaccinations being pushed down our throats are actually the cause of the modern day diseases such as Autism, Down syndrome, and the many other epidemics.

In 1998, I discovered the basic physical common denominator of all disease: “stoppage.” In 2007 I realized the 3 basic physical reasons why all stoppage occurs:

  1. A person is DOING something they shouldn’t be doing.
  2. A person is NOT DOING something they actually should be doing.
  3. Lastly, they are doing both #1 and #2 at the same time.

For most people this seems overly simplistic. And of course (as usual) most of the authorities would vehemently disagree with these principles, if only because applications using them are inexpensive and just too easy.

A few of the many real life examples I have come across in my practice:

A person is DOING something they shouldn’t be doing.

At the urging of their medical doctor, a mother and father of a small boy have him vaccinated at an early age. One of the main ingredients in this shot is Thimersol, of which 49% is the heavy metal Mercury. Mercury, besides being highly toxic in itself, can cause the nerves and the brain to short circuit. This brings about weird physical and mental behavior in children and creates Autism in its many forms.

A person is NOT DOING something they actually should be doing.

A woman doesn’t exercise at all while pregnant. The birth is very difficult, the baby is physically stressed and often even damaged. Often she will end up having to have a cesarean section rather than a natural child birth simply because she wasn’t in a good enough physical condition.

A person is NOT DOING something they actually should be doing while doing something else they should not be doing.

A husband and wife are alcoholics or drug addicts and spend a great deal of their time boozing or doping up, rather than consuming nutritious food and drink. Alcoholics and drug addicts are well known to be suffering from malnutrition due to their bad diets. While not addressed or promoted broadly, it is a scientific fact that alcohol and drugs taken to any excess can create abnormalities in the DNA. Now scientists are beginning to discover what many of us naturopaths have long known; diet, too, can have a significant effect on DNA. Is it really any surprise that because of this one fact, Down Syndrome is also on a dramatic rise in this current society?

Because every case is different, and some bodies are more susceptible to damage than others, or some just don’t have the recuperating powers or the stronger immune systems that others have, the above is not broadly recognized or promoted, and is actually suppressed in many circles. The amazing thing is, these conditions cannot only be prevented, and in most cases these diseases can actually be stopped and reversed.

It stands to reason that in order to begin the healing process and the reversal of any one of these Genetic disorders, one need only…

Treatments and Remedies; The Protocols For Reversing Autism, Down Syndrome, and Other Genetic Disorders (Listed in order of importance)

  1. Add Proper Nutrition

    One needs to put the proper building blocks there so that when the correction starts happening, the right nutrients are available for the rebuilding process.

  2. Remove the Toxins

    The mercury, the food additives, the pesticides, the hormones, the steroids, the alcohol & drug residues, and the radiation buildup all have to go. These are what created the stoppage in the first place. Complete detoxification is a must!

  3. Use of GOOD Bio-chemicals

    Vitamins and herbs that increase circulation and deliver nutrients to the nerves and the brain will also stimulate and improve their function. These are essential. The main ones for doing this are vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B3 (niacin), a vitamin B complex, gingko biloba, cayenne, horseradish, garlic, and ginger (not a complete list by any means, but a good start).

  4. DMSO Therapy

    DMSO has four main characteristics:

    1. It will penetrate any organic cell wall.
    2. It takes whatever you mix with it through the cell wall as well.
    3. It is a free radical fighter second to none. Free radicals are particles that destroy cells.
    4. Most exciting and extremely important: There is every evidence that it realigns the body’s DNA back to the original blueprint (form).
  5. Oxygenation Therapy Used Along With Inversion Therapy

    Oxygenation therapy by means of food grade hydrogen peroxide when used with inversion therapy (hanging upside down) will START that which has been stopped. This part of the process will reset and turn on the switches that were turned off when the damage was done.

  6. A Quality Exercise Protocol

    Any game such as tennis, or any sport that requires coordination, played every day for an hour or three, no matter how badly played to begin with, is absolutely vital when it comes to reprogramming the body.

The above is very inexpensive to do and so will not be popular with those who are money motivated. Not only are they listed in order of importance, they were also placed in the proper sequence for getting the best results. It will not be appreciated by those who believe that throwing money at a problem is the way to solve everything. However, using the above program, with some hard work and dedication anyone will see dramatic improvement in conditions, and in most cases the above protocol will remedy them altogether.

There is no limit to the number of times a person can be put through the entire program. Once completely done in sequence, extra emphasis can then be placed on one or more of the protocols thereafter. After the first time through, each step can be done over and over again as needed. It is not uncommon to put a person through the detox part of the program at least 4 times in the first year, and once or twice a year from thereon out. Step one (the addition of excellent nutrition) should not only be done throughout, but must be maintained even after one has attained the desired results and is no longer on the program. Though not to the same degree of importance, the same is true for step 6 as well.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition

You can’t build a bowl of clay pottery without clay. You can’t run a car without fuel. And you most certainly cannot build or rebuild a healthy body without excellent nutrition. Without the proper building blocks, neither a building nor a body gets built with any permanence or strength to it. If you create a structure with junk materials, you’ll get a junk building that soon decays and crumbles into ruin. If you attempt to build a body on junk food, you’ll get a body that decays and is always sick, tired, and diseased. It only stands to reason that the opposite is also true. If you add great nutrition to your daily regimen, you will now have the “building blocks” necessary to start building a healthy body. This is especially true when attempting to bring a body back from a condition of disease, and into a state of health. When building or rebuilding anything, you’ve got to have the right tools and the right building materials!

First and foremost is to eat only 100% organic, all natural foods. Nowadays, the GMO companies (Monsanto, ADM, Dupont, etc.) are trying to get the organic standards changed so that even GMO soy can be legally labeled organic. There is a great deal of evidence pointing to the fact that even many so called organic standards have been compromised or soon will be if they haven’t been already. We all should make friends with our local farmers and start supporting our local farmer’s markets. Additionally, start gardening! This is tremendous fun for the kids (gets them away from the TV), and the health benefits are noticed immediately. You’ll be amazed at how much better the taste of your produce is, and the whole family’s health will start improving overnight. If you live in a big city, join a local co-op.

Don’t forget, raw fresh produce is the healthiest food you can eat! By volume, most of your diet should be produce, and consume more vegetables than fruit.

Many people simply can’t do this due to the location where they live. Many simply have no access to high quality food. This is why I created my Total Nutrition Formula. I wanted a formula that had the best of the best in it and that was accessible to everyone. I wanted a nutritional supplement that could do it ALL, and this recipe does exactly that. Also very important to me was making the recipe “public domain” = publishing the exact formula, and making it fully available for anyone to make on their own if they so wished. Anyone wanting the exact recipe has only to go to: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Herbal_Remedies/ and look in the “FILES”. There are no exceptions. Every single one of my recipes, formulas, and health tips are there and FREE for the downloading.

Why is the Total Nutrition Formula so good and so vital?

The most important ingredients in Total Nutrition is spirulina, a blue green algae. Spirulina is one of the most concentrated, nutritious foods on the planet. It is the highest natural source of complete protein (77% = much higher than many meat sources), plus we use only 100% organically grown spirulina. It is extremely high in beta carotene and is also a rich source of all the B-vitamins. It is one of the best sources of organic minerals, yet it is easily metabolized and assimilated, even by those with major digestion difficulties.

The second most important ingredient is chlorella, a close second  to spirulina in overall nutritional content. Another of the algae, it is an extremely concentrated food where the cell wall has been cracked to make the nutrients quickly available. But that’s only half the story. Chlorella is very special, in that it acts as a  natural chelation agent that will bond with heavy metals to facilitate their removal from the body. It is a vital tool for autistic children who have been exposed to high levels of mercury and is essential when it comes to removing all heavy metals from the brain and other areas of the body.

The third major ingredient is astragalus. In Oriental herbology, astragalus shares the #1 spot with ginseng. Astragalus not only has a reputation for preventing cancer, but it is legendary for rejuvenating digestive organs and balancing blood sugar levels. Astragalus also corrects metabolism and can therefore bring about weight-loss or weight-gain depending on the needed improvement. This makes it equally great for weight lifters and weight reducers. It strengthens and builds the immune system, promotes the healing of wounds and injuries, reduces edema and is well known for dramatically increasing energy levels and assisting those who wish to handle diabetes. Astragalus also has the added benefit of helping to balance hormone levels in both men and women, plus it is an adaptogen second to none, (adaptogen = a natural, herbal substance that helps the body adapt to stress and which also brings about a normalizing or balancing effect upon all bodily processes – the two top adaptogens are ginseng and astragalus). It is a marvelous herb.

The are many other important ingredients in the recipe. Alfalfa, barley, and wheat grasses are rich in natural vitamins. Purple dulse seaweed is the greatest source of organic, assimilable minerals and trace minerals on the planet. Beet root and spinach leaf have the highest easily assimilable levels of organic iron, which is essential to blood building. Rose hips, orange peels, and lemon peels are the best sources of vitamin C, and together these three offer a completely balanced C-complex source. The citrus peels are also one of the highest sources of pectin, which has been proven to remove heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.) from the body, and they even remove radioactive contaminants like the deadly strontium 90. The non-active saccharomyces cerevisiae nutritional yeast is a non-active yeast that is grown on beets and in pure molasses. It is the second highest source of complete protein in nature (50%), is the richest source of B-complex vitamins, and is also a rich source of iron and many other minerals. The yeast we choose is heated high enough to absolutely destroy any yeast activity, but not high enough to lessen the B vitamin content. It is totally NON-active and safe for those with Candida Albicans or on yeast free diets.

The Importance of Detoxification.

For almost every disease a quality detox should be done along with the other parts of the program. They should also be done at regular intervals thereafter to handle day-to-day contact with common toxins in the environment. A very important fact I’d like to state right up front, and this will not be popular with the conventional authorities, is a point about safety. Unlike contemporary medicine and drug therapies, it is very difficult to hurt yourself using herbal remedies, regardless of what mistakes are made. Herbal regimens are very safe, even if you don’t stick to recommended amounts. One really has to go out of his or her way to do any kind of actual damage. It happens, but it is exceptionally rare. And any harm that might be done is almost always temporary and usually limited to discomfort such as a headache or an upset stomach. As a matter of fact, when it comes to herbs, doing more is usually better. Because drugs are truly that dangerous, pharmaceuticals need to have specific dosages and very exact scientific protocols. But a piece of information that is kept top-secret by the medicos is that these drugs damage and toxify the liver and other organs, requiring the necessity of detoxification. Herbal remedies are not rocket science, but unlike pharmaceuticals, they don’t have to be.

As previously covered, mercury, food additives, pesticides, hormones, steroids, drug residues, and radiation buildup all have to go. Most often, these are what created the stoppage and the genetic damage in the first place. Complete detoxification of the entire body is a must!

There are a large number of detox programs out there, but only a few of them are excellent. Many of them are either barely effective, ineffective, or just plain junk.

My own Total Body Cleanse is crucial when it comes to doing a deep and thorough cleanse that not only cleans out the elimination organs, but gets rid of enough toxins so that a permanent healing can then take place throughout the entire body. The basic theory behind the TBC is that the complete detoxification of the major elimination organs and corrective glands of the body, will then allow the body to repair itself using the excellent nutrition previously introduced and continuously being supplied to the body. You have to get the junk out, and the only way to do this is through the elimination organs. The place to begin is with a complete cleanse and detox of the bowels, followed by a liver and kidney detox. While cleansing, it is also necessary to increase circulation and nutrients to the nerves and the brain in order to stimulate and improve their function. This is essential. The main vitamins and herbs for doing this are vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin B–complex, gingko biloba, cayenne, horseradish, garlic, turmeric, cilantro, and ginger. Also, supplementing with MSM, co-enzyme Q-10, minerals from my Body Balance+ Formula (potassium & iron), and plant enzymes will also bring quicker results.

For more information on Total Nutrition Formula, including how to make your own,check out OLM’s Total Nutrtion article.