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Black Physician Assistant Makes History, Publishes Children’s Book Series About STEAM

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Meet Monica Guillemin, a physician assistant who is perhaps the first Black woman to transcend a career in medicine and law to become a publisher that cleverly introduces young readers to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), and adults, to medical-legal issues surrounding issues that impact African Americans today. Monica first gained notoriety as a PA specializing in cardiology after co-authoring a research paper published in the Journal of American Cardiology and the Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants on genomics. She has penned two medical thrillers based on stem cell therapy & cloning and now releases a series of children’s books targeting subjects on science, geography, Black history, and culture, through the backdrop of a safari in Tanzania: Safari of a Lifetime.

From Watts California, Monica first earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science, completed a Postgraduate Physician Assistant Surgical Residency in Trauma Surgery at Martin Luther King Jr. / Charles Drew Medical center then earned a Juris Doctorate degree. Monica made her debut as a photographer in Safari of a Lifetime Photographs — the companion photography book.

With an expanded vocabulary in geography and ecology, the storybook facilitates the transition from learning to read to reading to learn model for students 8 years and above. Through the heroines, readers, face are exposed to the interconnectivity of social-ecological systems, encounter the realities of the circle of life, confront make-believe, myths, and fantasies of wild animals in their natural habitat, all while unwittingly learning the value thereof.

The prelude in Safari of a Lifetime gives young readers a peek into slavery, and geography with an introduction into geography while the explorers are in Zanzibar, and overlook the Indian Ocean. Against the backdrop of a science pretest that goes array, students learn the value of ecology as an underpinning to natural science. Since expository fiction is an untapped and underappreciated genre, educators can use the storybook to build an unlimited number of lessons for students working from home based on the premise of Safari of a Lifetime.