Breaking The Chains to Create A Path
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Breaking The Chains: Freedom From Bondage

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Breaking The Chains to Create A Path: The story “Freedom From Bondage” made me think back to my childhood and about the years that went by as my addiction progressed.

I was always the baby of the family and when my parents divorced, I felt angry and hurt.  I got the “I don’t care” attitude about life in general. No one else cared, so why should I. I think my addiction started then.

I would drink and smoke pot with friends, and always felt better after using.  I guess I was so high that I didn’t feel the hurt. I know now, rather I am learning now, that I can’t keep building walls around the problems that life brings. I have got to face them head on and if I continue to have drugs and alcohol in my life I will only be existing instead of living the life that I want to live; to do that I have to be honest with myself, happy with myself, and continue working the recovery program.

At the time of this writing, I was only in the program for a little under 60 days and I can honestly say that already it has help me to deal with a lot of issues that I had locked away so tightly. I thought I will never have to deal with them but I don’t have the drugs to help now because of me being in the program. Therefore, I have to deal with them without drugs assisting me in locking them away and not having to face these awful feelings any longer.

“Freedom From Bondage”, that’s what its all about.  Freeing yourself from the bondage of many years of hurt and pain, instead of only building walls that sooner or later have to come down anyway.

In Breaking The Chains, I am reminded of the paths I have taken through excerpts from old ancient library book called Path:

Created We The Path

Upon Our Separation

From The Infinite One

The Way Out Is The Way Back

One Way Back

Walk Back.

Walk Must We In Our Own Excrement.

Created We All Obstacles

All Must Be Met

As We Follow The Road Home

The Path Is.

To Return To The One

Is Death To The Separate Self.

A Great Fight It Will Wage

Great Pain It Will Inflict

Only Those Who Have Learned

The Greater Pain

Lies In Separation From The One

Will Choose The Spiritual Path

Many Paths There Are

All Spiritual Paths Lead To The One.

As Closer You Return,

Recognize You Will

Your True Self

Your True Family

Recognize You Will

The Face Of A Stranger

Judge Not The Path Of Another

Learn To Understand

That You May Not Understand

The Path Of Another

Judge The Path Of Another

Only To Judge And Determine

Your Own Path

Never Condemn Another

Condemn Only Action

The Path Takes Us Through

Walls Of Fire Burning Us Away

Sharp Teeth Ripping Way Our Flesh

Why Then, Am I Not Harmed?

The Path Is Beset With Traps

The Wind Flowers Draw Us

With Their Sweet Perfume

Thorn Prick At Our Feet

Mud Drags Us Down

Above And Below

Rocks Loosen And Fall.

Walk In The Footsteps Of Those

Who Have Found The Way Before You.

The Ease Or Difficulty One Experiences

While Waking The Path To Oneness

Is Directly Determined By The Degree

Of Their Humility And Unselfish Love

Pain And Pleasure

Are Swings In The Arc Of A Pendulum

To The Degree The Pendulum

Swings Into Pleasure

It Will Swing Into The Same Degree Of Pain

Many Paths Preserve Themselves

That Lead To Pleasure With Free Will We Choose

Choose Not Pleasure And You Will Create Not Pain

Choose Not Pleasure And Pain Will Chase You Not

Accept The Little Pleasure That Come To You

Endure The Pain That May Come To You With

With Loving-Suffering Patience.

Hear Me Of Man

Turn From The Darkness Of Night

Turn Towards The Love Of Light

Know That Your Mind

Leads Your Direction

Turn From The Thoughts

That Leads Astray

Turn To The Thoughts

Of Giving And Light

They Lead You To Oneness

Not Darkness Of Night

Find Not The Great Path

In Power And Glory

Find It You Will In The Dust At Your Feet

With Head Bowed In Regret And Humility.

Ask Then The Universal One To Guide You.

With Heart That Ready To Serve All It Shows

Pray That Your Will Be That Of The One

Pray The One

Send To You One Who Is One

To Show You The Light

And Illuminate Your Soul

Seek God First

And All Else Will Come To You

As You Walk Your Path