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COVID Vaccines Disalbed Millions

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Ever since Operation Warp Speed was launched by Donald Trump, rates of disability across America have skyrocketed.

A shocking number of people who were previously healthy are now permanently damaged, the only thing that changed in their lives being that they took the “clot shots,” also known as Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

From 2016 to 2020, the disability rate among people 16 years of age and older living in the United States remained stable. Then, right after Fauci Flu shots were unleashed, there was a sharp uptick in serious injuries that have left millions unable to work and live as normal.

A Twitter page that monitors all-cause mortality across the U.S. posted a graph recently showing a direct correlation between increased jab compliance and rising disability rates. In early 2021, the disability rate soared from 30 million Americans to nearly 33 million Americans, it showed.

Within hours of posting this graph, the Twitter account in question was flagged for spreading “disinformation,” even though it was backed by data. The same account was also locked and comments on and sharing of the post were disabled.

Officially, there were 14,181 people with permanent disabilities stemming from Chinese Virus injections as of May 27, 2022. But the true number, since only a tiny fraction of vaccine injuries ever gets reported, is likely far higher. (Related: Covid injections are also linked to the destruction of men’s sperm.)

After each vaccination spike, there was a subsequent disability spike

The aforementioned Twitter account flat-out asked the question: Are covid injections responsible for the nearly three million-case increase in disabilities post-Operation Warp Speed? The answer to this question seems obvious.

Brighteon.TVEven just insinuating it, though, is a prohibited offense on social media because it calls into question the “safety and effectiveness” of the jabs. This is never supposed to happen, we now know.

Going by the metric that suggests only about one percent of vaccine injuries ever make it into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the official 14,181 figure makes sense.

“Seeing this … without a rise in disability reports would be surprising,” reported el gato malo. “[W]e see 14k permanently disabled in VAERS. [A]nd we see a rise in the disabled rolls of 1.8 million.”

“[T]hat’s pretty close to the 1-2% capture rate (more like 1%, but also likely capturing other categories as well, so hard to be precise) for reporting we’ve seen around other VAERS issues (besides death which seems to get better counted) so it feels like we’re in a ballpark here.”

Additional data collected from FRED and OWID (Our World in Data) suggests that disability rates really started spiking around April 21 of last year, right as Trump’s Operation Warp Speed mass jab campaign really started coming into full force for the first time.

When vaccination uptake first peaked around May, it was followed by a massive disability peak in June. When vaccination uptake peaked once again in August, disability rates spiked once again come October.

As 2021 came to a close, vaccination started to flatten out, followed by a flatting in rates of disability come March. Each time, there was a direct correlation between the shots and permanent injuries.

“2 month lag, 1 month lag, 2 month lag, 2 month lag. 4 separate inflections all tracked in near identical and highly plausible timeframes for vaccine injury. [W]e’re starting to get past ‘suggestive’ here,” el gato malo added.

“[T]his zigs, zags, then zigs again, then zags again all as predicted if it were causal and all with the sort of lag you’d associate with reporting, 1-2 months. (all 2 mo save may – jun 21).”

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