Perspective Poetry Poetry 2021


Teeth Whitening 4 You
I love black women, I can’t help it. The FIRST woman who ever loved me even before I knew I existed, is a
black woman – I love her, I can’t help it.
Why did it take me so long to recognize truth? It was always there looking me alive in the face. In the 50’s
and 60’s we thought that women other than our own were beautiful – I loved them, I couldn’t help it.
Blame it on my ignorance; self-hate; left-over slave mentality; T.V.; ms.-education – I couldn’t help
myself.Black women are just so… so… so naturally beautiful. How did I miss it? – with a fine hi yella mother; a
switch-carrying grandmother; chocolate aunts; black sisters – one afro-centric, the other just smart, sweet
carmel cousins, and that cute, spoiled little girl down the street with that “good” hair – whew! What was her
name? Oh yeah, Rosy, I loved her, I couldn’t help it.Man, have you ever seen a stylish, well dressed black woman with elegant hands and painted exposed toes?
I love that – I can’t help it. I don’t care if they are short, tall, skinny, thick, …well I do have a preference for
thick, but that’s me – I can’t help it.You know what I really love about black women? I love the way they move…..they have always moved so,
ahhhhhhhhh, ya know, funky, silky, slow, sweeeeet…..I love to just look at ’em; shake my head; and
quietly whisper to myself, “mmm mmm mmm look what GOD has made”; that’s me; I can’t help it.I know it’s superficial, but let’s be superficial for just a moment – I love a black woman’s butt – they own
that. I love looking at a black woman walking away from me, even if for the last time. It’s something about
that walk…’s not a put-on, no one can fake that walk….that’s Africa…..that walk is filled with making
somethin’ out of nothin’; that’s stickin’ by your man walk; that’s labor pain you seeing thar brother.

I Love Black Women – I Can’t Help It!

Written by Nathaniel A. Clark, Sr.