National Archery Association

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Who: The National Archery Association
President: Tom Stevenson, Jr. (Tucson, Ariz.)
Executive Director: Robert C. Balink
What: The NAA is the National Governing Body for the sport of archery in the United States. A member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, the NAA selects the teams that compete at the Olympic Games and other international archery competitions.
When: The NAA was founded in 1879 to foster and promote the sport of archery through tournaments, programs and publications.
Where: The NAA national headquarters is located in the National Sports Building at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.
Membership: Approximately 3,500 + 20,000 allied members.
Administration: The NAA is guided by a 12 person Board of Governors, while a seven person staff handles day-to-day administration.
Tournaments: The NAA conducts the U.S. Indoor, National Target and National Field Championships each year. It also holds the National Ski-Arc Championships, U.S. Intercollegiate Championships, and the Junior Olympic National Archery Championships (for junior archers), and sanctions local tournaments annually.
USAT: The NAA began selecting the U.S. Archery Team, a national team, in 1982. The Olympic-style (recurve) team consists of eight men and eight women.
Other USATs: U.S. Archery Teams are also selected in the Junior Elite, Compound and Junior Compound events. The Junior Elite team, top six male and female archers under the age of 18, was established in 1985. The Compound team was established in 1992 and is comprised of the top five men and women compound bow shooters. The Junior Compound team was established for 1995. While the other teams will attend training camps, the Junior Compound team is honorary only this year.
Resident Athlete Program: The NAA conducts a Resident Athlete Program which allows the athletes to live and train full-time at the USOC’s ARCO Training Center in Chula i Vista, Calif.. The program, which began in 1987 in Colorado Springs, moved to the ARCO Training Center in Chula Vista in December 1994.
College Division: The College Division of the NAA includes nearly 30 clubs and intercollegiate teams. Ten male and 10 female All-Americans are selected each season.
Coaches Development Program: Through this program the NAA certifies people to coach or instruct archery programs. Levels range from beginning instructors to national coaches.
Clubs: Nearly 100 NAA local clubs (not including more than 250 JOAD and collegiate clubs) are scattered throughout the United States. The NAA can direct individuals to the club nearest them.
State Associations: NAA Chartered State Archery Associations exist or are being established in all 50 states. This program will include statewide rankings for NAA members.
The NAA supports all disciplines within the sport including Ski-Archery, Crossbow and Flight. It is also active in many other aspects such as sports science and technology research.