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One on One Prenatal Yoga Magic: Powerful, Peaceful Journey Within

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By Jill Douglas

Prenatal Yoga Magic: The Word yoga is Sanskirt for yolk or union, The body, mind, and spirit are united in this ancient practice of postures through the bridge of the breath. Prenatal yoga is also a holistic experience for pregnant women. Not only is it good for mom, but it can also deepen the connection with the baby through the peaceful, introspective nature of yoga. Practicing yoga can be viewed as journeying inwards to experience all the sensations and joy of being alive. During pregnancy, practicing yoga provides the opportunity to attune to the enhanced experience of being alive and also of having life growing inside of you.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy has many physical benefits. It can bring a greater sense of openness to the hips, reduce back pain, and increase overall strength, flexibility and balance, Cultivating both strength and flexibility, especially in the pelvis, it helps prepare the body for giving birth. Yoga also teaches breathing and relaxation. Learning how to ride the wave of the breath is excellent preparation for learning to ride the wave of contractions with greater confidence and ease. All of these tools are invaluable while carrying the baby, during labor, post-natal healing and on into the life of parenthood.

Besides all of the physical attributes, yoga is also known to increase confidence and inner strength, which can reduce the fear and anxiety associated with every aspect of becoming a parent. The structure of practing yoga postures provides the freedom to slow down, go inside, and connect with your own inner wisdom and knowledge. Yoga can amplify the volume of your inner voice and sense of knowing, just by allowing the quiet chance to listen. The ability to deliver and raise a child is an already inherent gift, ready to be accessed.

A prenatal yoga class includes the traditional aspects of yoga; breathe work, postures, and relaxation. The practice of pregnancy yoga is gentle. This is not a time to learn strenuous, fast paced or acrobatic types of yoga. Experienced yogis may elect to continue with their regular practice as long as it is done mindfully and safely. Consulting your doctor before beginning is never a bad idea. Almost always, what will be healthy and right for the momj will be the same for the baby. Prenatal Yoga Magic: