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The Gantt Report – Are they All Trumpsters

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Are They All Trumpsters

By Lucius Gantt

Never believe a lying fox! Don’t believe a fox in the forest, don’t believe a fox in the zoo, don’t believe the fox in an Uncle Remus story and you certainly can’t believe what you hear on a Fox news network!

Long, long ago, the geographical area now called the United States was completely inhabited by people of color.

The Fox news anchors are lying when they say people of color, and Jews, are plotting to “replace” white people in America.

The media devils know, or should know, that it is their kind that has a history of replacing people on every continent in the world!

The ideas and philosophies that suggest that white racists are superior, that the Americas and Europe belongs to them and the idea that all people of color are inferior and incapable, should be ignored, discredited, abandoned and unaccepted!

Donald Trump, also referred to as the Russian Babayka, is quick to lie, cheat and misrepresent almost every fact.

Fox news is not alone in subscribing to every Trump lie. Every member of the Republican Party, it seems, is caught up in the Trump Trap.

Even the GOP members on the local, state and national levels that don’t stand up and speak out against Trump, will not tell residents and voters the truth about political issues because they fear the ex-president.

And guess what, according to news reports, voters in recent political primaries were asked if they agreed with Trump’s lies about election integrity, replacement theories, Putin being a “good guy”, Mickey Mouse being a bad guy, Obama being a Muslim, Democrats being pedophiles, Mexicans being rapists and all Black protestors being members of Antifa and half of the people polled said they agreed with Trump and Fox news, 50% of Republicans and also 50% of Democrats!

Was the poll shocking? It shouldn’t be. I informed you in multiple columns that a significant number of white male Democrats often vote for Republican candidates and they love and believe whatever Donald Trump says.

Voting is important. Too many of your ancestors risked their lives and some people of color died fighting for your right to vote.

If you don’t know, I have some friends that I love that are members of the Republican political party. I’ve had more than a few business clients that are Republican. It was Republicans that encouraged me to stop writing for so-called major newspapers, write an independent opinion column and call it The Gantt Report.

I love my friends and I appreciate everything they do for me, but they don’t control me, they don’t finance me and obviously, they don’t tell me what to do.

I’m worried about the upcoming elections. I know Democrats won’t point out the lies and misinformation that is spread on Fox news or repeated by politicians that are afraid to cross the Bogeyman former president.

The party you love will also adhere to the longtime political strategy of ignoring their “base” until after they have spent as much campaign cash as they can and throwing some crumbs at the vendors of color a week or two before election day.

We need to inform our people about the consequences of allowing the undeterred elections of liars and haters. We need to do our own political education.

The political beasts will not replace us. Vote against the candidates that will vote against us.