Columnist Education Gantt, Lucius National News

The Gantt Report – Living and Working Together

Teeth Whitening 4 You

By Lucius Gantt

Black newspapers, broadcasters, advertisers, public relations firms, writers, journalists and graphic artists, we should reject efforts by people with devilish intentions with plots and schemes designed to divide and conquer us!

Our media history parallels our community history. Colonialists worked to divide African tribes, neo-colonialists worked to separate African people, slave traders segregated kidnapped slaves and satanic informants became informants to decimate Black civil rights and community groups.

Today, we are being urged to turn our backs on everyone that has loved Black media businesses and operations forever in America, in Africa and around the world.

Commercial companies are telling Black newspapers and magazines they will reduce print ads and purchase more digital ads, politicians are telling Black media producers and placers, we will hire white firms to create our media if the firms hire one or two Negro voices or utilize colored images and the devil has always used non-Black talent to play movie and television roles of Black, Native American, African and Hispanic people.

As always, this drive to kill Black media companies is about the money!

If you have a newspaper, or other media company, that is operating at a loss, can hardly pay overhead and meet payroll, the devil will offer the media company some “chump change” if the media company agrees to disregard any and all related Black owned media professionals.

Could our colleges and universities be teaching Black media students how to trash and disrespect their media brothers and sisters and reduce Black media revenues to increase money they give to white media operations, associations and cracker communicators?

I hope not.

Black media companies hire Black workers. Black journalists cover and write about Black community activities and events. Black editorial writers inform and educate about the issues that interest us the most and, most importantly, Black media companies and media professionals spend money with each other.

The hate the informants, imperialist puppets and modern-day neo-colonialists have for Black media people doesn’t stop there. The devil wants to divide and demean ALL Black groups!

Black doctors can’t get together, Black lawyers are reluctant to unite, Black teachers won’t rally around each other. Black preachers can’t stop criticizing each other and so on.

Again, it’s the money. Black businesses and Black professionals find it difficult to come together and stick together because if they/we work together we’d have to look at any revenue generated or considered and Black businessmen and women don’t want others to see how much or how little money they are making.

Ever since slavery and colonial days, African Americans and Africans have been told not to trust each other and the racial distrust is even more magnified today.

The world’s Black women are currently the “flavor of the day”. How many sisters stop to think “How can I help my brothers?” I don’t have a problem with sisters helping sisters but if we are indeed a family, we all should help each other and resist the devil’s plans to divide and conquer us as entrepreneurs.

When you see a person of African descent trying to destroy a Black business or take away business income and revenues from a Black man or woman that kind of Sambo or Jezebel move should be discredited and abandoned!

Individually or as a group, united we stand, divided we fall.

Any Black person that tells you not to do business with your own people, your supporters and your community is not only a terrible person, they are a traitor to our race!

We got to live and work together!