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The Gantt Report – MAGA Democrates

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The Gantt Report – MAGA Democrates

By Lucius Gantt

It is exciting to see American women mobilizing to fight for rights that were wrongly taken from them by ultra conservative justices on the United States Supreme Court. Female activism is great for the women’s movement but not necessarily a bonus for the Democratic Party and Democrats.

Reports have also surfaced that suggest Democrats are making moves to generate higher turnouts of Black male voters.

Well, not so fast my friends! It is not women or Black males that are the greatest problem that Democrats have in their quest to prevail politically in the 2022 elections.

Democrat’s biggest political problems are “MAGA Democrats”!

Lucius, what in the hell is that? Let me explain.

Once upon a time, way back in the day, when more than a few Republicans were abolitionists that were opposed to slavery and many Democrats were southern segregationists, the roles in political party platforms were flip flopped!

In 2022, it’s no secret and Stevie Wonder can see that a significant number of conservative white Democrats have voted for and will vote for conservative Republican candidates in upcoming elections.

If you don’t know, conservative Democrats and Republicans are friends, buddies, cohorts, comrades and confidants!

Can I prove it? Yes!

Both Democratic and Republican conservative white men attend cross burnings together, they march together singing “Jews will not replace us”, they both seek to ban Black books, they both despise and disparage the Nation of Islam, the Black Panther Party and other Black organizations, they both dislike Black community leaders and Black community pretenders and they both hate political purchasing transaction diversity!

You know The Gantt Report will keep it one- hundred so you have to follow the Democratic and Republican money.

The largest contributors to political parties and political candidates are both very wealthy individuals and corporations and very poor conservative zealots.

Unlike Black Americans, who will donate money every time they get a political email or text, large white donations to political causes are “targeted”.

Conservative white men of all political persuasions insist that money contributed by rich white nationalists and white supremacists should be spent with vendors that they accept, recommend and appreciate.

Why can’t Blacks that donate political money insist that a meaningful portion of money they contributed, like millions given by Oprah and others, be spent in Black communities with Black media companies, printers, caterers, pollsters and other African American vendors?

They can’t because the MAGA Democrats are “jock blocking” (for lack of a better phrase).

Don’t take my word for it but Republicans couldn’t win a sack race or a rat race without some Democratic voter support because white American votes are divided and Blacks, in this day and age, will vote for the devil himself if satan ran as a Democrat!

I don’t want to discourage TGR readers from supporting or voting for the candidates of their choice. The lesser of two evils is always a choice for Black voters. TGR refuses to endorse any candidate unless I personally know and support a candidate.

Perhaps, my recognition of conservative white male Democrats as MAGA Democrats should be changed to MASA Democrats because political exploitation is a modern description of political slavery where Blacks give all of their votes and support to political parties and candidates and conservative white men get all of the major political money spent on elections!

Hope the political Oath Keepers and Proud Boys don’t use TGR quotes for new hats and t-shirts about Make Africans Slaves Again!