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The Gantt Report – The Babayka’s Boo

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The Babayka’s Boo

By Lucius Gantt

Most of America’s imperialist press reporters seem befuddled when opining about the location of more than a few “top secret” documents wrongfully taken from the government when Donald Trump was voted out of office.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Russian President Vladimir Putin knows exactly where the documents that interest him are currently located.

For years, I have opined that Russian President Vladimir Putin and former U.S. President Trump have more than a cozy and casual relationship.

Well, on October 16th a morning guest on MSNBC parroted The Gantt Report and said if top secret information has been shared with foreign operatives, Russia is a country of interest, so to speak.

Trump owes Russia and Putin. Putin allowed Trump to have a beauty contest in Moscow once. There, Putin wined and dined Trump and introduced the Babayka to some Russian alley cats.

I imagine Putin also assisted Trump in getting financial assistance from Deutsche Bank, in Germany, when Trump had difficulty borrowing from American and other lenders and Putin probably encouraged Russian oligarchs to purchase condos, homes and other properties from Trump.

Thank God, I still have a decent memory because I remember when Trump invited Russians into the Oval Office to share secret intelligence about Israel with Russian comrades.

Trump loves dictators and authoritarians in North Korea and other countries but his bottom “Boo”, Putin, is extremely wealthy, quick to arrest or eliminate his critics and he can remain in office forever and it doesn’t matter if Russian voters want him to be President for life or not.

Putin helped Trump win his first race for President by contributing money and advice. The Russian President and his governmental tech team has also been accused of spreading false and deep fake social media posts to increase hatred between American citizens.

The bottom line is this, Donald Trump is idolized by some Americans as a red-necked “Moses” that will lead nationalists, supremacists and other ultra-conservatives to the sheet-wearing promise land where Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Boogaloo Brothers and men and women klansmen will enjoy a life of global white privilege.

Perhaps he is just a grifter and a con man that knows that the more he lies, the more liars like him will believe him.

Don’t act surprised but the more than a few African Americans that support everything Trump does and believe everything he says are Booed Up too.

I am not in that number.