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Dialing 911 By Mistake & What To Do If It Happens To You

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Dialed 911 several times in a day when my iPhone got stuck on a screen. I was beating all the keys trying to get it to hard reset.

So I talked to the nice lady and told her that my iPhone called 911 and it was on the Fritz. Which I had to explain because that term is archaic, it means its not working right. I think its from WWII, who knows. My Grandpa used to say it.

Another time I called 911 and I hung up and they the called back from the non-emergency line and I didn’t pick up because I couldn’t because the phone was still broken enough that I couldn’t receive calls.

Had it been a home phone line they could have got the address and sent out an officer for a hang-up 911 call. To ensure I wasn’t under duress. Which I am thankful for.

So if you call and it its a cell phone you can hang up. They’ll call back, answer it if you want, or not. They aren’t going to send out a team.

If it is a land line you better just see it through and tell them its an accident and you’re fine. They maybe might send someone by anyhow in case you were under duress and couldn’t say it.

I heard a 911 call where a lady was pretending to order pizza because her spouse was beating her and she was calling for help. The 911 operator got the point and sent an officer.

Just don’t make a habit of it and they won’t get too cross with you.