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Teeth Whitening 4 You

We all need to stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on our own journey. Some of us want to bash the Church, while they are acting exactly like the church, they bash…when they say, “you are wrong, and I am right” or “my beliefs are better than your beliefs” Everything seems to be how to change the narrative for control purpose. Judgement comes wrapped in many different shapes and sizes and so does self-importance.

Jesus Broke Many Rules. Jesus was all about breaking old traditions, that the Pharisees set up as a standard religious practice. The Pharisees even judged Jesus for healing a man on the sabbath and eating meat. They were so into to the religious aspect of life, that they did not understand the principles He was trying to teach them. They did not realize how to really do God’s will because they were stuck on old traditions, rules, and false teachings.

In closing, it is important to spread love and not hate. Some of us are so intent on being right; that we end up spreading hatred, instead of spreading love, in the name of: Jesus, the Messiah, The Redeemer or the name of your choice is…He will answer to all three and then some. The crucial point to take away from this message is, it is more beneficial to show love than your religious opinions.

Love Peace and Light to You