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Only YOU Can Fix YOU

Teeth Whitening 4 You

By Mae Johnson

So often, we believe the world is happening to us, not that we are creating it. Sometimes people do things to make themselves feel big but instead, makes themselves feel small. They are always careful to be accurate and to behave correctly; however, any negative emotion that rises in you is a sign of something to address. Knowing what to address is key. Only you can restore you.

Everyone Has a Trigger Point

Whenever someone triggers us, it is pointing out something in us, that we do not like in ourselves. Everyone is just a mirror reflection of you. Someone created anger in you. Think back to what it was that angered you and you will know what to fix. However, you must go inside to fix the total you. You cannot find happiness outside of yourself. In addition, you cannot allow others to dictate your mindset. Once you give a person that power, you lose total control of who are and become their puppet.

You Are Human 

There will all ways be those who Trigger you. you are going to be constantly evaluated. As your tests become more intense and precise, it is important to not beat yourself up. You are human, humans are susceptible to being dismayed. You will forever be triggered; however, it is important to observe the annoyance and let it go before you allow it to seep into your well-being.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: life will become easier, and your triggers will change, once you realize that it is your ability to control your happiness.