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Legacy Home Loans – Black – Owned Mortgage Banking Firm

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Legacy Home Loans –  Black-owned mortgage banking firm headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, have opened three new branch offices in Black and minority communities as they continue to make good on their commitment to empowering African American communities throughout the United States. “We have a focus on building sustainable wealth through homeownership and leaving family legacies,” said Ben Slayton, the president and CEO of the company.

Their new branch office located, in Baltimore, Maryland is headed up by Stephen Trye, a lifetime resident of Baltimore since he was 5-years old. Stephen brings over 13 years of experience to the mortgage banking and real estate industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and he has very strong ties to the Baltimore Community, which he loves. He is an advocate in the education of families on financial health through homeownership and stays true to his passion through service to his community, employees, and ultimately his clients.

Their second new branch is in Charlotte, North Carolina. This branch is headed up by Netfa Wray, a 20-year residence of Charlotte. Netfa has over 20 years of mortgage experience including loan processing and underwriting which allows him to guide his clients through every step of the mortgage process as a loan officer and branch manager. He takes pride in educating and informing each client of all possibilities, so they all will make the best decisions. Netfa is an active member of the community and calls Charlotte his home as if he were a native.

And their third new branch is in St. Louis, Missouri. This branch is headed up by James Gardner, a 30-year veteran of the real estate/mortgage industry. James considers himself a forever student eager to build on his knowledge of the mortgage industry and he absolutely loves educating his clients to allow them to be informed while making what could be the most important financial decision in their life of becoming a homeowner.

Slayton’s commitment for Legacy Home Loans is to lend “One Billion Dollars” in mortgage loans to African American homebuyers by 2023. Thereafter, to lend one billion dollars or more every year to our people. They are opening new branch locations in every metropolitan city in the United States that has 25% or more African American population. And, by hiring local mortgage professionals in their communities and giving them the tools, loan programs, and resources, so they can compete head-to-head with any mortgage lender in the United States. Today LEGACY Home Loans have branch offices located in, Los Angeles, and Oakland, CA, Atlanta, and Tucker, Georgia, Dallas, and Houston, TX, Las Vegas, Nevada, Chicago, Illinois, Columbia, South Carolina, and now, in Baltimore, Maryland, Charlotte, North Carolina, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Slayton pointed out what makes Legacy different from other mortgage companies is, when their branch offices become successful, they take the profits from those branches and open new branches in our communities, hiring local people in our communities, and helping to recirculate the money within our Black communities.

The word “LEGACY” should have a special meaning to African Americans. It speaks to our ardent desire to provide and to leave sustainable wealth for our families. Most American’s wealth is derived from the equity from homeownership. Today, African American homeownership is at a historical low of only 44% (meaning, only 4 out of every 10 African Americans own the home they live in). “If we work together, we can increase that 44% to something close to where the white population is at 74%, that is a 30% homeownership gap and Legacy Home Loans intends to help eliminate this 30% homeownership gap. We need to start building sustainable wealth through homeownership and start Leaving legacies for our families,” Slayton said.

Slayton has been a leader in the African American community since he became the first African American realtor in America in 1964. Since then, he has started, built, and sold several successful businesses in the real estate and mortgage industry. He is presently the President and CEO of Legacy Home Loans. He also serves as a member of the board of directors of Panorama Mortgage Group, LLC.

For more information about Legacy Home Loans, visit the company’s website at or call (702) 425-3374