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Being An Empath and How to Live with Being One
by Mazie Waters
The phrase empath comes from empathy, which is the ability to understand the
experiences and feelings of others outside of your viewpoint. Say your friend’s mother
just passed, the empathy in you is what allows you to understand the intensity of the
pain he’s/she's going through, even if you've never lost a loved one.

Being empathetic we want to spread love to the world. Empaths usually see people’s
POSSIBILITY instead of the whole person. Many times, these people have no clue (or don't
care) of their ability and just fasten onto you and draw the life out of you. However, you must
first love yourself before you can love others. You must find value in yourself and set
boundaries. Setting boundaries will create a level of respect, for you, from others.
I had this problem for years. I would walk into toxic situations with friends and family, as I always
wanted to help others. However, the mistaken person will make you feel that being an empath is
nothing but always being a good thing to them. You should be wary of people’s aims. Don't
worry about offending people if it’s making your inner self feel uneasy. A good friend will and
should love you for you…and shouldn't want to use your kindness.
In all, it is important to stop being so available. Pray and ask for a message from the Divine One
and you will feel inner peace in your spirit.

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