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Spoken Word By Denisha Lawton

Teeth Whitening 4 You

“Spoken Word”

Written by: Denisha Lawton

I want to make a difference.

I believe we mostly hear this stated in business, but I know that I’m different.

Many people like to say don’t waste time, but I choose to live by this line,“Don’t waste words!”

Unspoken or heard, words are to be treasured and measured with the utmost sincerity, see words hold power like an emergency!

I urgently find it necessary to share Light, in spite of the ever present darkness that tries to creep itself into my life.

I speak to it right where it enters.

Vision to see right through its center.

We were never promised things would be easy, but believe me things get a little bit more pleasing when we begin to put some respect on His name; from no fortune to fame in the beginning God spoke and he woke up depths of void with hope in His creation with a statement: “Let there be light!”

His words were spoken.

Spoken words knowing that we, His creation just might forget that there’s actually purpose in night.

We must rest.

Even when situations look dim, we can always rest in Him.

I was once a busybody, but Mommy stopped me one day and said, “Baby, even Jesus rested.”


I have recollection of trying to handle every little thing by myself, although my hands felt arrested, but He’ll carry every single burden if I’d only just let Him, so instead of trying to piece together my own mixture, I choose to hand things right back over to the Real Fixer and audibly cast my cares in a simple word of prayer.

Father, forgive me for forgetting that I am made in your image and freely given the tools to overcome darkness, somehow I missed it.

You gave me the power to devour my enemy, but the sin in me thought I was in control.

So, help me to behold you once again remembering that you hold everything I need within.

Help me to use the power in my tongue to speak Life, so that somewhere, along the way, someone else might tap into that same power.

In the middle of resistance.

Lord, only you are consistent…

and with the power of the spoken word you’ve given me, I plan to be… a Difference!

Bio: Denisha Lawton, lyrically known as: “Poetic Prophet,” is a Motivational Spoken Word Artist who grew up in Ocala, where she attends Mt.Tabor AME in Kendrick, Florida.

She has had the pleasure of collaborating with many International poets, rappers, singers, and assorted creatives while living in the States as well as while living abroad in Shanghai, China.

“Poetic Prophet” has been the recipient of National and International Spoken Word Poetry honors, recognition, and awards.

While attending college, she had the esteemed honor of performing for Jesse Jackson as well as the late Maya Angelou.

Her creative technique is one that evokes conscious and vulnerable thought.

“Poetic Prophet” aspires to inspire and has plans to trailblaze a movement for lyricism worldwide. She is currently hosting a Performing Arts Camp for Youth in the community of Ocala at Mt. Tabor AME (Pastor T. P. Nelson) and is in need of consistent volunteers and sponsors to help support the development and cultivation of our children’s gifts and talents.