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The Gantt Report: Soldiers On The Front Lines For God

Teeth Whitening 4 You

by Lucius Gantt

Hello soldiers! The Army of God needs you on the front lines in the battle for truth!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard sayings like, “You do you”, “Mind your own business” or “Stay in your lane”!

Just like you can meet the right man or woman at the wrong time, you can also be a good person on the wrong level.

Too many Black people that we love, respect and enjoy seem intent on informing us about strategies for progress that they really know little or nothing about.

I’m not a musician, an actor or an entertainer. I’m not a preacher, pastor, Pope or an Imam. I’m not a professor, educator or a grade school teacher.

Most of my adult life I’ve been a media professional. I’ve even been called a world class journalist because my media work has been printed, published and broadcasted around the world.

Later in life, I became involved in politics as a political consultant and a lobbyist.

But I was also interested in money so I studied wealth building. I read everything I could about how people generate wealth.

There are quite a few African Americans that are “rich” but very, very few, if any, are wealthy.

Simply put, a rich person may have to work, do movies or television shows, play sports, make rap songs or sell contraband to generate dollars but a wealthy person has sustainable wealth and will always be wealthy while their rich friends and neighbors are only rich until their money is gone!

I don’t know how many times I have to tell you when most people “come up” via a good job, a lottery win or a successful business venture they usually rush to buy an expensive car, a nice big house, an airplane or a boat with money they have generated. If their money is not saved and, or, managed correctly the big money will soon disappear.

You know the examples and stories of rich Blacks that squandered their cash and returned to the financial levels that they were used to.

My people are hungry for financial progress but money progress is hard to come by because we keep putting our faith in financial fakes and fraudsters that don’t have a clue about how Black economic and financial progress can be enjoyed by Black America and Blacks around the world as a whole.

Believe in yourself and believe in each other!

Anyone that tells you that government will give you money to help you the way that government gives money, tax breaks, billion dollar contracts and other benefits to wealthy individuals and companies is blowing government smoke up your, fill in the blank!

Rich people are not on the same level as wealthy people just like rich governments are not on the same level as poorer governments.

Just as importantly, the banks you use to deposit your money are not necessarily thea banks used by the wealthy to generate more and more wealth. In other words, there are different levels of banks and banking.

The Federal Reserve in America is not a government bank, it’s a private bank but you can’t do business there. Almost every large country has a similar bank like the Bank of England, the Bank of China, the European Central Bank, the Central Bank of Cuba, the Reserve Bank of Australia and others.

The banks you use might have a “trading desk” that you don’t know about but don’t feel bad, the tellers and other low level bank employees don’t know about the trading that wealthy depositors take part in.

I know how upper-level banks operate. I know that some banks will pay you 100% interest on some banking transactions. And, I know that beast bankers don’t give a damn if you write The Gantt Report, if you’re a gangster rapper or an educated fool. If you can make the banks some money, they’ll do business with you.

The people you love to post and repost on the internet talking about working with government to bring about Black wealth are cra-cra crazy!

I will explain in more detail about economic and financial progress in my soon to be released new book, “The Light is the Truth”.

I don’t want or need to be on TMZ, CNN, MSNBA or to have any publicity at all. I don’t need permission or approval from politicians, poverty pimps, charlatans or financial con men to share my economic wisdom.

To go forward, Black people in America, in Africa and Blacks around the world must go back, physically and financially if you know what I mean.

I know about media, I know about politics and I know how to build wealth.

I stay on my level.