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The Gantt Report – The Cat in Uncle Toms Cabin

Teeth Whitening 4 You

By Lucisus Gantt

Recent news reports suggest that United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s supreme cat has been a foul feline!

It appears that “Ginni kitty” is perhaps knee-deep in the sedition and insurrection bull sheet being investigated by the United States House of Representatives.

The white cat in the Black man’s cat house texted various people that supported the twice impeached former President Donald Trump, also known as the Russian Babayka, in his attempts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election.

The opposition efforts were all based on BIG LIES about election fraud, voting machine tampering, ballot harvesting and disappearing voting records.

At least 60 lawsuits were filed in American courts to disavow the victory won by current President Joe Biden and to award the victory to the losing Liar in Chief.

Judges considering the lawsuits, including many judges appointed by Trump, all denied the judicial relief sought by Congressional investigators.

When the Supreme Court had to rule on the release of documents, phone calls, texts and other related materials, all Supreme Court Justices agreed that documents sought by investigators must be turned over to Congress except one judge, Justice Clarence Thomas.

Why? You have to ask Uncle Thomas.

In my opinion, Thomas wanted to deny the release of insurrection information to prevent Congress from getting its hands on the calls, notes and texts from the cat that showed clearly that she wanted Trump to remain President after he got beat by millions of votes.

Today, everybody wants to know what Uncle Thomas and Ginni kitty were up to in their relations to and communications with nationalists, insurrectionists and seditionists.

To me, it’s no secret. Maya Angelou once said, “When people show you who they are, believe them!”

Ordinarily, the husband is the head of the household but in this case, the cat controls the cat house.

Why is Justice Thomas so supportive of Trump and so opposed to issues of interest for Blacks and other Americans of color?

Could it be because Justice Thomas has always been “cat whipped”? Is Ginni cat the real Supreme Court Justice and the appointed Justice Thomas is merely following his wife’s orders about how to vote on issues that come before the court? Are the actions of the Thomas family a clear conflict of interest?

Hmmm? Is Ginni Thomas guilty of a crime like conspiring to overturn a legal election or encouraging seditions and insurrections?

If so, Ginni cat should go to jail just like any other law breakers.

Meanwhile, if Clarence Thomas didn’t vote on the merits of cases he considered and instead voted to prevent exposing his wife’s involvement in pushing lies about American government and related politics, Thomas should be expelled from the Supreme Court and he and his cat should be caged behind the walls of a federal prison.

Maybe a movie will be made about the exploits of the Thomas klan called, “The Cat in Uncle Toms Cabin”!