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The Gantt Report – Bamboozled Better?

Teeth Whitening 4 You

By Lucius Gantt

     Recently, rapper, actor, producer and businessman Ice Cube, or O’Shea Jackson, said he would talk to “anybody” who had a solid plan to create African American wealth and generate economic development, or something like that.

     Well, I’m somebody and I know how to address his wealth building concerns!

     I’ve been wanting to have a conversation with Cube for months because I like his desire and I enjoy his music and movies but his current economic and political efforts are flawed and doomed to fail!

     Whatever Black person in the United States Ice Cube thinks has the key and a path to Black economic wealth, he should bring them with him to talk to me if he thinks they know more about how to build wealth than me.

     Line them up and let the people decide who has an economic and/or a political plan that works.

      Do you like Dr. Claud Anderson, or Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Cornell West, Dr. Eric Dyson, Dr. Eddie Glaude, Honorable Ministers, Imams and religious leaders, famous female economists and business people? No problem! Bring all of them with you Cube to meet with me and let’s get a workable wealth building plan cracking.

      Who am I, a poor boy, wanting to talk to a “rich” rapper, so called scholars and reported money-making celebrities? I’m just a guy with a pen, a sword, a spear, a gun and a brain!

         Google “Lucius Gantt, The Sword of the Black Press” or ask the white man to find out who I am. They know if you don’t.

      But this isn’t about me. It’s about Black progress, worldwide, not just in Compton, or in America.

      If you’ll let me, let me just talk about some Black history.

      Ice Cube is not the first Black “celebrity” that has sought understanding, support and economic assistance from government.

      Before and after every election, some Black people are invited to meet with political perpetrators and government devils. They meet politicians in hotels, in restaurants and politicians even meet Black “celebrities in The White House.

     The teachers, preachers, singers, dancers, actors and athletes, meet with the politicians, eat stale donuts and sip cold coffee. They all leave the meeting and say, “Those politicians are all right.” But they never get any serious money and they never get any real wealth building help or advice.

      If you don’t realize it, Black men and women in America that truly know how to generate wealth are disavowed, disparaged, denied, fired, arrested and/or assassinated or killed!

     For example, Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association had Black stockholders around the world that invested in international shipping companies, schools, hospitals, media companies and other companies. What happened to Garvey?  

     And, Yaweh Ben Yahweh’s Hebrew Israelites in Miami, had universities, clinics, hotels on Miami Beach, affordable housing, transportation companies and other businesses. He even met with me to discuss the acquisition of telecommunication satellites 40 or 50 years ago so he could speak to and communicate with his followers around the world. I don’t have to tell you satellites way back then could cost about $40 million.

     Anyway, brother Cube, I won’t go into detail about my plan for wealth building and economic development in this column but I will give you details and answer any questions you have in a private meeting with pre-screened and vetted meeting participants. I don’t want informants and infiltrators like other Black groups have sadly experienced.

     But I will say, my economic plan involves going back to go forward. My plan can and will generate wealth and spur economic development here, in African and in Black communities worldwide.

      Does it require ALL Blacks to get together or work together, no. Does, it involve begging governments, never. Could it involve some measure of “public/private” partnerships, possibly.

       Will it require Ice Cube and/or others to give me money? No, but it does require real financial knowledge and wisdom.

        If my plan is fake, false or frivolous, Ice Cube can write a rap song about me and tell the world political puppets and clowns like Jared Kushner has a better idea about how to generate Black wealth and create Black economic development than I do.

       I don’t need any publicity from the imperialist press, I create my own publicity.

       I just want to help Ice Cube, “Killer” Mike Santiago and other “celebrities” who want to generate Black wealth and I’ll put my reputation as a “world class” journalist and political advisor on the line to prove I can help them.

      Black “celebrities” can be bamboozled by politicians just like any other Black person can be tricked, trapped and led astray!

      2020 Black bamboozlement is not better, it’s SOS, the same old sheet!