Why Healthcare Must Go Green
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Preservation: Why Healthcare Must Go Green

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Why Healthcare Must Go Green!

Green has always been my favorite color, though I didn’t know why until recently.  Now it is fast becoming the world’s favorite color, and thank goodness for that. Whether more and more people are “going green’ and becoming more environmentally conscious because it is trendy and cool, or because they are realizing it is a necessity to ensure the survival of our race. I am glad to see it!

As a physician committed to truly healing people and helping their bodies return to a state of health, using more natural and ‘green’ methods is the only way that works and this is Why Healthcare Must Go Green. The truth is, as we use more and more drugs and surgery, which are synthetic, un-natural, and invasive ways to deal with an acute problem, we are only adding to the destruction of our bodies,. Today’s illness care system is based on synthetic and artificial means of handling a health emergency… in the long run this is no different than life support, which is all I saw during my initial, traditional medical school training.

My time spent in the hospitals and clinics was invaluable, as I developed a good sense of what was truly happening … sick people’s emergencies were handled, but they left just as sick, or sicker than they were before, only to await the next emergency.

The truth is, as we use more and more drugs and surgery, which are synthetic, un-natural, and invasive ways to deal with an acute problem, we are only adding to the destruction of our bodies, and our world. We are increasing the toxicities, and being as anti-green as we can be.

What is the opposite of green…black? Green is the color of life, or earth, of nature and of health. I often describe my favorite green as that of a brand new leaf… vibrant, bright, and almost incandescent or neon in nature.  It is also strong, rich, and robust.  What is the opposite color or life? Unfortunately it is illness and death.

I read great quotations recently in my learning: “We are a species committing suicide”. This is profound and shocking, but true. Some say it is a slow suicide, as our current illnesses take years and decades to develop and cause death, though it is happening sooner these days, and humanity destructive processes may take hundreds of thousands of years to cause serious harm to our environment and earth. But in evolutionary terms it is a fairly quick process. Our race has existed for around 50,000 years, and our current situation has developed in about the last 50, through the industrial age may be where it all really started.  So in just 9.9% of the time of the existence of the human race as we know it, we have created changes in our environment that are putting our ability to stay alive and well, our very existence, in jeopardy.  And the pollution and destruction ourselves and our world in increasing at epidemic rate.  Look to current ‘health’ care system as an example. Cardiovascular illness is our #1 killer, and is the cause of death for 1/3 of the population, and now thought to be developing in as many as 80% of those alive.

Cancer is running a close second, effecting 1/3 all men and ½ of all women alive today.  It will soon overtake the #1 spot and is expected to continue its epidemic climb. Even the governing bodies of our medical system admit there will not be enough physicians to care for those with cancer.

Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, and the list goes on nearly endlessly, are happening in exponentially increasing rates not only in adults, but in children.  And the health of our planet is experiencing the same imbalances. It is unable to sustain us in our current numbers and lifestyle and environmental choices, and our health is proving this.  Infertility is become epidemic as well.  Is this the first sign of a true population correction? The increasing climate changes are proof as well. I’m not a believer that global warming is solely due to humanity’s effects… it is a natural process that has occurred many times in the history of the world. But, we are speeding it up; bringing much sooner, our need to learn how to deal with its consequences.

To sustain life, both ours and our planets, we must go or continue to go green; with our fuels, our materials, our foods and our healthcare.  We are a highly advanced civilization and have the ability and knowledge to do this right now, but we must choose to.  Using completely natural techniques and resources, we are able to restore healthy quickly and completely to anyone ready to do so… I hope we also can for our world.

It may not be as easy or as profitable to use more natural techniques to fuel our bodies, or our cars, but if we hope to ensure the survival of life as we know it, and stop the increasing rates of not only chronic illness but also global climate and resource imbalance, we must go green.

Along wit the vibrant orange of the sun, the blues of the sky, water, and oceans; and earth tones of the ground and trees, green really is one of the most beautiful colors.

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by Dr. Edward Pearson, MD ABHM & Dr. Julie Pearson, DC