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The Gantt Report – Flavor in the Courthouse

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The Gantt Report – Flavor in the Courthouse

By Lucius Gantt

It appears like President Biden will nominate a Black woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court. I say “appears” because for a Black woman to become a Supreme Court Justice, Biden’s nominee must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Some Republican Senators have wasted no time in describing the proposed Presidential nomination as “affirmative action”.

I’ve written about the American justice system and I’ve also visited The World Court in The Hague in Holland.

I want Gantt Report readers to know I have no problem with a Black woman joining the Supreme Court.

What I want my readers to understand is that many of your friends, neighbors and coworkers are adamant that “Jews (and Blacks) will not replace us!” in the courts, in government, in the workplace, in the schools and everywhere else.

What worries me is the possibility of a sort of judicial neocolonialism.

It’s no secret that Black women continue to be the flavor of the day in many areas of political life. They are chosen as a Vice President, they are winning, or trying to win, statewide, district wide and local elections, they are being named corporate CEOs and they are recognized as media and movie Queen-pins”.

In politics, especially in political campaigns, it is not unusual to assume that “any Black will do!”.

Well, ask the politicians that chose to hire Black “parrots, puppets and pirates” that lost elections how that worked out and they will blame incompetent Black political advisors for losses. They will say Tom and Jemima couldn’t turn out the Black votes.

In my mind, we want a Black female version of Thurgood Marshall, America’s first Black Supreme Court justice who used the courts to fight exploitation, oppression and segregation.

We surely don’t need a Clarence Thomas-type with a Black robe and a Black dress that will rubber stamp any judicial proposal that white people suggest should be concurred with.

I don’t personally know any of the African American women being considered as possible Supreme Court nominees. All their credentials look great but sometimes things that look good from afar are far from being good!

Whoever gets the Biden nomination will be a “scholar”. Perhaps they will have studied at Harvard or Yale.

I hope the Black woman that will be nominated to serve on the Supreme Court will be fearless!

I hope she will stand up, speak out and fight for fairness, justice and equality.

Former President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees seem to be controlled and certainly influenced by the political Babayka, or bogeyman.

I hope an independent Black woman will be named as the newest Supreme Court Justice. I want her to vote for what is right, vote for justice and equality and don’t vote for something that’s merely political.

Senators want a Supreme Court justice that they can access and possibly control.

We can’t imagine having two Black supreme Court justices with white spouses that wear MAGA hats and preach white privilege.

If you have a judicial craving for the Flavor of the Day, make sure she’s sweet and judicially nutritious!

Good luck and best wishes to all Black females being considered for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.