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The Gantt Report – Critical Race Theory

Teeth Whitening 4 You

The Gantt Report:

Critical race theory (CRT) is an academic movement of civil rights scholars and activists in the United States who seek to critically examine the law as it intersects with issues of race and to challenge mainstream liberal approaches to racial justice. Critical race theory examines social, cultural and legal issues as they relate to race and racism.

Critical race theory originated in the mid-1970s in the writings of several American legal scholars with focus on race. Both critical race theory and critical legal studies are rooted in critical theory, which argues that social problems are influenced and created more by societal structures and cultural assumptions than by individual and psychological factors.

Critical race theory is loosely unified by two common themes: first, that white supremacy, with its societal or structural racism, exists and maintains power through the law; and second, that transforming the relationship between law and racial power, and achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination more broadly, is possible.

Critics of critical race theory argue that it relies on social constructionism, elevates story telling over evidence and reason and rejects the concepts of truth and merit.

Hmmm? Is it possible for white nationalists and Black nationalists to agree on certain aspects of CRT? I think, yes!

They both seem to agree that governments should stay out of the “theory” business.

It’s no secret, racism has always been a part of government and education, public and private.

Don’t get bamboozled by educators, “scholars” and media reporters that you love. School resources, school facilities, school books and school procedures have always been determined by racial motivations.

Tell me, how can you be a Black scholar and feel that anything you teach must be done with the permission of closet klansmen, Trump supporters and Dixiecrats?

Your ancestors were whipped, beaten and killed for merely teaching their enslaved brothers and sisters how to read and write.

No matter what the governments, federal and local, say about CRT, educating our children and our people is our responsibility.

Gantt Report readers hate it when I mention HBCUs (but they don’t care that daddy sent two of his children to Black colleges).

However, who can stop Black colleges or Black professors at white schools from discussing race theories?

This CRT debate is simple to me, just tell the children and tell the people the TRUTH!

Jay-Z and Beyonce, according to news reports, just purchased a $28 million dollar car. I wonder where a Rolls can take you that a Kia or used car cannot.

God willing, I want to set up an independent Journalism academy to teach both youth and adults that are interested in developing professional media skills.

The klan, proud boys, boogaloo brothers, oath keepers, the storm and other racist groups can’t go to sleep and dream about telling me what to teach Black people! (lower case groups get lower case descriptions)

Tell your so-called Black leaders to stop being political and educational puppets.

I would love for Black millionaires to join me in funding independent education institutions and stop spending fortunes on toys and trinkets that impress poor people.

Wealthy people drive ordinary cars and fly commercial. They don’t buy mansions they need to finance or planes that they could lease.

One of Mexico’s wealthiest businessmen, Carlos Slim, stayed in a three-bedroom house for many years. Warren Buffet can buy any car he wants but drives a Toyota and when he visits Atlanta and needs transportation he does business with a Black limo company.

My kids are all college grads that make their own decisions and follow their own dreams. I only insisted that they learned how to read and write and how to count money.

I didn’t totally rely on government, or private, schools to educate them, Lucius always told his children the truth, about the important stuff, anyway.

My children learned very early about racism and devilish beasts! Teach your children the truth yourself.

If you want to, teach them about CRT.