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The Gantt Report – Love Hurts

Teeth Whitening 4 You

by Lucius Gantt

Why does it seem like we’re oftentimes hurt by the people we love? Perhaps, because it’s true.

How many times have we been crossed, double crossed, chris crossed, lied to, betrayed and bamboozled by men and women we care about?

Well, we are closest to our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and others who have our trust and it is those that are trusted that have the most opportunities to screw us.

In most “Popeye” cartoons I saw, Popeye’s friend, “Wimpy” would frequently say, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

Similarly, your friends that want to borrow money have told you,  I’ll pay you when I get paid on Friday or I’ll pay you when I get my tax return or I’ll pay you when my deal is consummated.

I’ve been ripped off so many times and I’ll continue to be because I’m a giving person.

But I won’t let people in my circle that have selfish or bad intentions kill me, or my business. When I give my time, my wisdom, my resources, my contacts, my connections, my property, my attention and my little money and I’m showered with false promises and get nothing in return, I keep positive things moving.

When someone dies unexpectedly, the first person suspected is a spouse, a family member, a friend or a business associate. Why? People close to a victim could have a beef about something and people close to you have more opportunities to take advantage of your kindness or weakness.

Some of my friends say that I’m a hermit and describe me as anti-social because I don’t attend too many events. I’ll never leave home to go to a club or party at midnight. I don’t drink, smoke, sniff or do any things like that in public. I don’t criticize what others do but I refrain from doing things that may cause me to lose control of my mind and body and I’m smart enough to know that all of the cheating, drive-bys and crazy stuff happens after the midnight hour.

If I’m involved in an important or business matter I try to put all agreement details in writing. You’ll be surprised at how many men and women get amnesia when they start sipping on some liquid courage.

I even try to have a paper trail when I do important things with my kids.

When you love somebody, YOU love somebody. “Love” don’t love nobody, according to a song by the “Spinners”!

Gantt Report readers, take care of yourselves. If you are giving, keep on giving but don’t give yourself to death.

More often than not, the people you love, love you differently. Some people you love and help really have no intentions of being reciprocal.

Love hurts sometimes but love should never be allowed to destroy you!