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The Gantt Report – Mask Wearing is an African Tradition

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The Gantt

By Lucius Gantt

Before I begin this week’s column, I want to acknowledge the many Gantt Report readers that have contacted me recently to inquire why sometimes the column is not published.

Your best bet for that information is to contact the newspapers. I will say when an individual newspaper makes me feel The Gantt Report, or Lucius Gantt, has no value, nobody reads the column and that I don’t generate more advertising for Black media than any other writer and more than most Black ad agencies, I get concerned and upset and I might not write a column for a period of time.

Anyway, I will never deny my readers and supporters. So here we go for this week.

I’ve already written about Black anti-vaxers but I need to educate African Americans about masks.

If you don’t know, the first people, the first schools, the first religions and the first civilizations originated in Africa.

When so-called Black leaders choose to parrot white supremacists that oppose the best protections currently available to protect us from death by Covid 19 it is putting Black people around the world in danger. Mask hatred is akin to hating Black culture.

You see, Africans were also the first to wear masks. Masks are commonly used in African religious ceremonies but the devil doesn’t want you to know that.

Satan wants you to be medically ignorant. He wants your community infected and ultimately dead and gone!

Masks are also worn in weddings, funerals and many other events that take place in the Motherland.

If nationalists and supremacists are happy to mask up at ku klux klan cross burnings why would you let them convince you not to use a mask to protect yourself?

The government you distrust has lied to Black patients and Black people on occasions but I monitor my own health care and I trust my own doctors and health care providers.

I don’t want Gantt Report readers to think they can pick and choose the health care suggested by uninformed Black charlatans. Choose life and choose the best health plan for you and your family.

I have, and perhaps you have, taken all kinds of government vaccines such as polio vaccines, influenza vaccines, shingles vaccines, mumps, measles, chicken pox and other government sponsored and ordered vaccines and treatments. I imagine children still have to have shots and vaccinations before they enter school like I did when I was a child.

Black doctors and health scientists were instrumental in the development of Covid 19 vaccines. If you don’t trust the government at least try and trust the Black health professionals when they tell you a Covid vaccine can possibly save your life and a proper mask can help you stay alive too.

Your African ancestors are wondering in heaven why you continue to oppose wearing protective masks and so do I.

Mask wearing is an African tradition that the devil can’t understand!