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The Gantt Report- Protect the Kittens Warning

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The Gantt Report – Protect the Kittens Warning

by Lucius Gantt

It is not unusual to see a cougar hunt and chase after a young snake. At the same time, I think it is disgusting to see a mature cat chaser messing around trying to hit a kitten!

I have seen very mature males that prefer to relate to kittens.

I heard them say, “if the cat is too old to be on the playground, the cat is too old for me!”

We need to protect young girls, and kittens, from pedophiles and others that would harm and molest them.

I have two grown daughters and they get the same protection from me today as they did when they were infants. If you hurt or abuse a child of mine, a good lawyer can’t help you, your penalty is death!

Protect the Kittens Warning

Female kittens grow up to be mothers and no one loves you like your mother does, or once did.

Let me tell some guys that are Gantt Report readers, anything, consensual or not, that you seek to do with a kitten is terribly wrong.

If you don’t know, the kitten may look good but in terms of romantic prowess, the under-age cat can’t do good.

It takes time and experience to know how to handle a mature cat chaser. Like humans, it takes years and years of practice and study to reach your romantic peak.

Some humans don’t feel comfortable with intimate relations until they reach middle age.

No kitten can curl your toes, make you scream the kitten’s name or make major contributions to a serious relationship.

Playing with a kitten doesn’t mean “foreplay”. When you play with a kitten you play hopscotch, hide and seek or Simon says.

Let’s put the kittens we know on a pedestal. Let’s teach our kittens how to read, write, count money, cook, sew and protect herself until mom and dad comes to her rescue if need be.

When you see an old ass man at the middle school and you ask why he’s there and he says to give the kitten some lunch money, there is no school lunch in America, or anywhere else, that costs $50.

I encourage all male readers of The Gantt Report to join me in protecting young female, and male, kittens.

Our youth are our future. Treat the kittens respectfully and defend our children with your lives!

Protect the Kittens Warning