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The Beast Bank Conspiracy

Teeth Whitening 4 You

By Lucius Gantt

The Beast Bank Conspiracy: Black people all across America are seeing the Black communities they grew up in turning to white neighborhoods.

There’s no problem with anyone of any race moving into the neighborhood they desire.

One of the problems with so-called gentrification is the unequal ability to acquire home and property loans.

There is a devilish plan to move as many Blacks out of the inner cities as possible.

Whites are tired of the bumper-to-bumper traffic they see trying to get from the suburbs to their downtown office towers.

So, good bankers have their hands tied when trying to be fair and honest lenders.

“Redlining” is real and is in full effect.

The Beast Bank Conspiracy: In 2021, it’s just like being in 1921. Bubba and Becky, that have a 500 credit score, who live in the trailer park can get a new home loan faster than a Black couple, with a 700 credit score, that lives in a prominent neighborhood can’t go to sleep and dream about getting a home, property or business loan.

Let me show you how the financial devil works. First thing they do is conspire with each other. The beast bank plan is a group plan. The banks plan with the credit unions, they both have deals with the hard money lenders and all of the financial companies pool money to hire lobbyists to influence politicians to draft laws that will help them to keep Blacks from accumulating property and wealth.

Well, you may ask, how can beast bankers and other conspirators get you to move from Black communities if you don’t want to?

Grandma on a fixed income can answer the question for you. When your politicians need money to give out incentives to builders and developers, they jack up the taxes sky high on the family’s houses and the homestead becomes unaffordable.

If, you can’t see it, feel it. The credit reporting agencies are accomplices to financial crimes.

Can I prove it? In my mind, yes!

Imagine having a mortgage for 12 years and making 144 consecutive payments. If you paid your note by check and the lender gets the check on time but lets it sit on a desk for a week, the wicked lender reports to the credit reporters that you were late paying.

Another example, say you had a catastrophic injury or illness that caused you to be late a few times, lenders won’t lend to you but late payments never disqualify most white borrowers from getting a loan.

Credit reporters will never consider years and years of “paying as agreed”, instead they will search for the smallest reason to deny you a loan.

Understand, Black borrowers across America were victims of predatory lending perpetrated by financial predators that were penalized, reprimanded or jailed.

Don’t act like the money crooks disappeared. They are alive and still predatory.

Alleged criminal lenders like Litton, changed their name to Ocwen. They are the same people doing the same wicked things. They just changed their name.

In million and billion dollar transactions, no one believes anyone. Every comment, statement or document has to be vetted.

No crook, financial or otherwise, can say anything without having proof to back it up.

The Beast Bank Conspiracy: When beast bankers and lenders deal with Blacks, instead of looking for reasons to loan to Blacks, they look for reasons to prevent people of color from getting access to capital.

If you have $30,000 in the bank, banks will decline, in most instances, an opportunity for you to borrow less than the money you have on deposit even if you use your own cash as collateral.

Listen to modern day neocolonialists or listen to me, African Americans in a capitalist society will never be free until we are financially free.

Rich Blacks need to try and help poorer Blacks. We need to employ each other, lend to each other, we need to contract with each other and we need to love and take care of each other.

We cannot depend on lending and financial equity to drop from the sky. Revolutions are fought for land and we can’t buy land to build Black communities if we don’t have financial unity and togetherness.

How about Black churches and big Black business removing their money from banks that don’t lend to Blacks as a start to show unfair financial companies that people of color are not playing with our money.