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The Gantt Report – Robbing the Racists

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The Gantt Report: By Lucius Gantt

Once upon a time, more than a few of America’s political leaders were described as “The Great Satans”. Most residents of the United States looked at the declarations as a meaningless play on words pushed by enemies of Democracy and the American Way.

Well, if the Great Satan is a great liar, the American critics may have described the unquestioned leader of this country’s Republican political party.

To me, what’s going on is much more than a lie. Too many Americans are victims of an extraordinary plot and scheme to divide and conquer the American people.

Can I prove it? I think yes!

All you have to do is follow the money.

You see, the Big Lie and the other associated lies started and spread after former President Donald Trump met with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Time will tell the details of what went on during the Trump-Putin talks, and what went on in Russian hotels with Russian women that may or may not have been recorded on video and/or audio.

Imagine if Putin gave Trump access to capital that he couldn’t get in the United States or provided Trump with female company in a Russian controlled hotel room and promised Trump help in his campaign to win election in the 2016 Presidential election.

What would be a good thing in return for Russian assistance? Perhaps it would be the dismantling and destruction of the American government and the ending of “Democracy”.

With the United States divided and embroiled in protecting and defending the Constitution, maybe it would be easy for Russia to invade, conquer and annex smaller nations that border the communist country.

If you follow The Gantt Report, you will follow, and keep your eyes on, the money.

You see, the lies are more than lies!

The lies are revenue generators. Donald Trump and his white supremacist and white nationalist backers, in my mind, are robbing the racists to finance the perpetration of wrongous accounts of government and election results that were the fairest and most accurate election in American history.

Where do the millions of dollars raised to “stop the steal” and award the Presidency to Trump actually go?

Trump supporters are encouraged to demonstrate their support of the Big Lie by buying hats, t-shirts, flags, banners and everything else including a brown teddy bear (why not a white bear, being buried in an avalanche of evidence of lawlessness and corruption).

It appears as though supporters have been victimized by recurring charges to credit cards that were not authorized.

Money may have also been used to pay personal and legal debts of Trump and his supporters.

But the Trump lovers don’t care. They want a pale President in office forever. They don’t desire affirmative action or diversity in the White House. They want to insure that no person of color, no Black, Hispanic, Native American or immigrant of color will ever sit behind the desk in the Oval office again!

Are you getting it? What’s going on in America is way more than political lies. It is about the fear of a Black planet. It’s about white privilege, white domination and white control.

The reverse Robin Hood idea that people with devilish intentions can take from the poor, uneducated, unrefined and disillusioned and give to the rich is basically a plot and scheme to rob the racists.

And the racists either don’t know or don’t care.