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The Wholistic Belief & Mind Powers Approach to Mental Health Issues

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The Wholistic Belief & Mind Powers: Concept of Health throughout history, humans have struggled within mental prison of their own making. The legacy of judgment, misunderstanding, and distortion befalls incoming humans immediately, crippling them through the well-intended but unenlightened actions of parents. At present the human experience is but a pale comparison to that which is intended, and too many an utterly hopeless and hellish karmic sentence. Until understanding of the human self-guidance system is firmly embraced within mass consciousness, the very concept of health will be distorted by the judgmental interference with the natural development system.

The mind is three

One of the three lives below the surface

It can be a helpmate who performs great tasks

Or hinder us at every turn

Tend it you must like a garden

Remove the seeds of destruction

And water the seeds of lie

Belief is the great key

To the powers controlled by the mind

What you believe

Is real

In the realms of the mind

Are reality

To those experiencing them

The masses believe

What others have given them

Right or wrong true or false

The wise realize this and are wary

And set out to test and discover

Change comes only to the sincere

If the above paragraph isn’t enough to give motivation for expansion of our consciousness, it’s hard to imagine that would be. If we look back over our lives and recount the number of times we have experienced illness and mental discomfort, is it any wonder life has so often been labeled a “vale of tears”. Yet, nature seems to offer so much balance to the other forms of life on this planet, it has to be presumed that mankind should be entitled to a greater level of happiness than he/she presently enjoys.

The Wholistic Belief & Mind Powers: Health is a reflection of how much energy spirit can bring through to its physical body-mind. The vibrant high energy, happiness, and creative empowerment of an unimpeded spirit is a state of holistic vitality nearly unrecognizable to a species who believes firmly that health is simply the absence of disease. Indeed, health is ease of spirit flowing through an ingenious mindscape designed to it evaluative specification. Health is an easy mobility of consciousness that accesses many alternate focuses and sources of intuitive information. Health is the experience of few and irregular painful feelings, for the mindscape and the cultural landscape are intended to be designed to minimize and eliminate these deficit states. It is folly to simply allow them to exist and assume that suffering is part of the natural experience. Such an idea is like a cancer, and indeed can bring about such maladies.

Once this perspective is switched from an attitude that health is simply an absence of disease to an assumption that when unimpeded, health is a consequence and result of spirit being reflected as it is naturally meant to be, then even the medical profession is compelled to move toward removing the psychological pitfalls and recognizing the merits of the wholistic approach to physical and mental well-being.

All pains are symptomatic of dysfunction within natural systems that seek immediate correction. When these symptoms are examined within the lens of self-understanding, many truths about health will become apparent. . First, we will address the concept of mental health, for emotional self-understand will forever alter the present concepts of “sanity”, “normalcy”, and “evil”. Mental health, as suspected, does indeed reflect the state of mind, for it is the mind that holds the sliver that prevent the growth that to necessary for a vital and complete existence. Until the boundaries of spirit, mind, body are clearly recognized, mental health will remain entangled with judgmental beliefs, confused with emotional dysfunction, and shrouded in mystery.

The Freudian school of thought gave strong credence to the presumption that mental illness lay in the dark crevices of the subconscious and was traceable to some unpleasant experience in early life. This was only a partial truth which was formulated without factoring in the spirit nature of human beings. Had the latter nature been taken to account, the solution would evolved with an altogether broader understanding of the problem as well as a corrective solution to the experience of mental illness.

Biological Flexibility And Destiny Challenge

Both mental and physical health are essentially rooted within the working and safeguard mechanisms of the body. As we will see, good mental health springs naturally form the unimpeded cognitive, emotional and intellectual development that unfolds through experiential trial and error learning. But all humans are bound to the uniquely specific genetic package inherent within the cloak that they have donned for each specific lifetime. Indeed, spiritual entities choose specific physical features, sensitivities, and challenges when designing the chemical cloak to ensure the maximum possible success in overcoming both the general and specific destiny challenges. The evolving mental personality then works within that specific range of biological predestiny to maximize and express the innate value potential.

Again, in reviewing the learning experiences, we have had, it should be apparent that those things we have said and done and those actions we have taken or avoided are all the consequences of the learning process and have resulted in pleasure and pain both mentally and emotionally. Sometimes that pain has even been physical which turned out to be necessary to focus our minds and realigning our priorities. Yet, we did prepare ourselves and our bodies to meet those challenges we wished to deal with, choosing the make-up our constitution as we would decide what kind of an automobile we would purchase and make the best use of in our journey down the road of life.