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ATTITUDE CHECK: 11-Year Old Girl From Florida Went to Take the Trash Out and Disappeared

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Miami, FL — Jayla Jones, an 11-year old girl from Miami, Florida, reportedly disappeared after going outside their home to take out the trash. Her family was happy when she was found a day later but questions still remain. Jayla was found the next day at a park just a few blocks away from her family’s apartment where she was last seen. Kim Myers, who was helping in the search for Jayla, was the one who saw her first. She was

The police continued the investigation regarding the case and found a surveillance video showing Jayla leaving their home on Monday morning. Her mother said Jayla offered to take out the trash but didn’t come back.

Jayla, however, told the detectives after being found that she left home after getting into a fight with her mother and grandmother. It is still unclear where Jayla went when she disappeared.

Meanwhile, her family is grateful that she was found in good condition. “Thank you. You all didn’t give up. I thank God for you all,” Jayla’s great aunt Doris Jones told Local10 News.