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Harrington Barrow CEO of America Force One LLC

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Harrington Barrow, founder of America Force One

Nationwide — Meet Mr. Harrington Barrow, the founder and CEO of America Force One LLC, a Black-owned security operations company. With over 30 years of experience in C.C.T.V. Monitoring, Executive Protection Services, Ground Security Coverage, Bespoke Operation Formats, Armed Guard Protection, and more Barrow says that he is proud and excited to bring a variety of security services to the New York Metro Area and beyond.

This launch includes a new website that features a chat function, scheduling capability, and valuable information about security services such as:

• Loss Prevention
• Construction Site Security
• Executive Protection
• Uniformed Security Guards
• Trained Emergency Response Officers
• Commercial and Residential Properties
• Retail Site Security
• Education Facility Security
• Healthcare Facility Security
• Community and Cultural groups
• Special Event Security

When asked what inspired him to launch an independent Black-owned security services firm, Barrow responded by saying, “I am deeply passionate and very experienced with security techniques, and in this uncertain world I want to help businesses, community organizations, and individuals to stay safe, and prevent any unnecessary losses.”

America Force One is committed to following the principles of integrity, innovation, and team spirit.

Barrow’s company is setting a new standard in the industry, one of uncompromising quality as a way of life. Committed to listening and responding to the needs of their employees and supervisors in order to provide world-class integrated security solutions centered around core guard services.

Barrow has over 30 years of experience in Security Operations and a demonstrated history of working in security and investigation industries. Throughout his many years in the field, he has coached many security analysts in optimizing techniques to implement solutions for analysis development and fact-finding, leading to an intuitive ability of interfacing technology, and data for multi-tiered infrastructures.

The company is best known for its ability to detect potential threats to your environment, and create unmatched safety and security coverage to protect your assets—physically and digitally. They resolve both common and crisis situations calmly and effectively. Only deploying experienced officers to manage and report all safety concerns promptly and professionally, and remain flexible to an ever-changing environment.

America Force One, LLC, offers a range of services: Uniformed Security Guards, Loss Prevention, Trained Emergency Response Officers, Construction Sites, Commercial and Residential Properties, Retail Security, Security Education, Healthcare, Community and Cultural Groups Security…(and many more). All are available to both Private and Public sectors executing through a premium package of technology, superior infrastructure, and professional expert problem solvers.