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Black Entrepreneur Invents Patented Hair Shield That Protects Weaves, Wigs and Extensions

Delanise Carter, founder of The Hair Shield

Nationwide — Meet Delanise Carter, the founder and inventor of The Hair Shield, a product that she launched in 2018 as a solution for women who appreciate the beauty and quality of their wigs, weaves, and extensions and would like to maintain their pieces longer than previously possible ultimately saving time and money.

The hair care business is a billion-dollar industry. Women, especially women of color, spend money purchasing and maintaining luxury wigs, weaves, and extensions. Oftentimes, though, some women are relegated to storing their expensive extensions in plastic bags under their bathroom sinks. This kind of storage often results in tangling, matting, and loss of luster, which reduces the life span of their wigs and extensions. Women then have to pay more money for newer pieces or spend more time detangling and maintaining their unruly and poorly stored extensions.

The Hair Shield is a satin-lined storage unit that retains hair moisture, prevents tangling and matting while extending the life of the stored extensions. The Hair Shield includes a locking feature, which guarantees that each piece stays in place. It is compact and ideal for travel and storing in tight spaces.

Like many inventions before it, the Hair Shield was a product of necessity for Delanise, a legal professional in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She often struggled with improperly stored, tangled hair and would usually throw them away then spend more money on newer pieces. She realized a storage solution could be her answer and she started sketching her initial designs. The first version of Hair Shield was created with her sewing machine, and she eventually made a quality prototype with a local designer.

Delanise admits that finding a manufacturer to produce the product at high quality while also being cost-effective was the toughest part of bringing it to life. Fortunately, she finally found a trusted manufacturer and ordered the initial inventory in 2018. She has been marketing the Hair Shield storage solution since then.

The Hair Shield is currently sold online. Customized and Divine 9 inspired units are also available.

Women can finally get the most out of every weave, wig, and hair extension thanks to the Hair Shield storage solution units.

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