Gantt, Lucius

GANTT REPORT: The Babayka’s Secret Garden

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By Lucius Gantt

The Babayka’s Secret Garden

Mar-a-Lago is a magnificent property in Palm Beach, Florida where former President Donald Trump calls his home. It is also a place where members of the Republican political party can visit the lying, twice impeached, disparaged and losing candidate to get their marching orders, so to speak.

After a recent raid on Mar-a-Lago conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations to retrieve top secret and other documents that were taken from the government after Trump was booted out of office, Republicans quickly lined up to lie about the FBI visit to the beautifully landscaped Mar-a-Lago secret gardens.

Thought they wanted them kept Secret?' Trump claims the FBI threw documents on the floor at Mar-a-Lago 'pretending it was me who did it' - and 'took pictures for the public to

GOP members couldn’t wait to say the FBI raid was illegal. It was not. They said the raid was a wrongful attempt to demean Trump. That was a lie too. Trump’s Republican puppets then claimed the FBI planted evidence in the garden property to embarrass Donald but the FBI had a legal warrant signed by a judge that authorized the search for any taken documents.

Today, everybody wants to know why Donald Trump took the documents he wrongly removed from government custody even though it appears the document removals violated more than a few federal laws.

Well, this is what The Gantt Report believes.

Donald Trump has never been the brightest star in the political galaxy. Trump didn’t even read some security briefings about secret government activity when he was in the Oval Office.

In my mind, the former president may have been instructed to remove specific top-secret documents by his authoritarian and dictatorial and despotic buddies.

The Gantt Report’s nickname for Trump is “The Russian Babayka” because so many of his actions seemed to be exactly what Russian Vladimir

Putin desired such as Trump’s disdain for NATO, his meeting with Russian foreign ministers in the White House, his exit from Iranian nuclear negotiations and the exit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and his love affair with Putin’s buddy in North Korea.

Yes, the Babayka’s secret garden was raided and top secrets were recovered after Trump’s lawyer wrote to federal authorities and falsely said no classified or secrets were at the garden.

Hmmm? Who could benefit from knowing the United States foreign assets, military capabilities, possible nuclear strategies and more?

I think Russia.

The Gantt Report is not a news report. It is merely one Black man’s opinion. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Donald Trump owes Putin.

Perhaps, Putin assisted in finding a world bank that would loan Trump money when American banks refused to do business with him.

Could it be possible that Vladimir instructed Trump to do everything he could to divide, weaken and wound American democracy?

It is not too far-fetched to imagine that top secret documents were taken to deliver to, share with or discuss with foreign governments or individuals.

Finally, a GOP lie about former President Barack Obama taking government records when he left office was another lie.

But the most despicable move about what happened at the Babayka’s Mar-a-Lago’s secret garden is the fact that requests for contributions for a Trump “defense fund” went out almost immediately even though Trump has not yet been charged or indicted for any specific government theft. What a grifter.

Where is Barry White when we need him to sing a song about what goes on in the Babayka’s  “secret garden”!