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Hair/Indian Home Remedies

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Hair/Indian home remedies for hair growth faster


If we want to explore the overall natural beauty of the women’s. In such cases, you will generally notice that your eyes first attracted to women’s hair. and it is also a natural way to differentiate both man and women identity. So, it is renowned fact that Indians given a lot of preference toward their hair care and jewelry from the ancient times. Also, those women’s own long and thick hair below their waistline those are considered most attractive female among others. And females’ physical attraction mostly relies upon women hair beautifulness. To know more about, Indian home remedies for hair growth.

Very popular Indian home remedies those have been passing on generation to generation to the next or future generation along with their authenticity. Likewise, some remedies share over here belong to the dynasties of royalty.

But, still now in a modern era, women definitely want thick and pretty long hair without putting extra effort while maintenance of it. Why home remedies are for hair growth really works in the modern age? The answer is really very simple- our every day costly hair treatment products are really very good in terms of brings an instant result for you. But do you know? How they are unsafe or harmful to us after some period of time you may notice. Your hairs become start to more thin and fragile compared to the normal hair care practices.  Here we talk about the best “Indian home remedies for hair growth faster”.

Why always home remedies are excellent for your hair growth?

  • just because you are preparing such oils or home remedies by own self. Then it is means, you are fully assured about the good quality and effectiveness of this oil.
  • Most of the oils that are available in the market at present contain harmful substances for your hair like mineral oil or paraffin. And more than this, That is promoting further cancer-related problems in humans. So, it is better to avoid such hair oils which are not reliable for the well-being of your hair.
  • Mostly these various company products available to us carry to them many harmful substances to it like- artificial fragrances, preservatives, harmful chemicals. That can give you instant shine, fragrance, and results. But, do you know? It will provide along with this to you further harmful results of it. So, it is still not too late, take an initiative and it is the right time must move on your steps towards natural home remedies.

Indian Home Remedies for faster growing hair

Indian Gooseberry oil, prepared from Indian gooseberry it is generally used in all over India and those are known significant importance of this oil. And also very effective in increasing the rate of your hair growth. Indian gooseberry is enriched of many essential vitamins and minerals like- Vitamin-C, Protein, Iron, Calcium, and B-vitamins.

How to use: always use cold press natural oils for excellent improvement of your hair. Before using of such oils check appropriately in the given description on the label of products carefully, it should be free of any kind of paraffin or mineral oils.

Benefits:  makes your hair root stronger, provides overall nourishment to the hairs and promotes long or thick hair.

Aloe vera gel, fenugreek seed, & Multani mitti (fuller’s Earth),  this is also a great remedy for faster hair growth and thicker hair, it is also a proven remedy for boost up your hair growth. And the amazing home remedy for you it is used by 100 years via Indian women’s those are willing to achieve thick and long hair. Don’t bother to think about much it will be suitable for you or not, Absolutely works for anybody.

How to use: Take 2 to 3 spoon of fenugreek seed and left it for a whole night along with an appropriate amount of water. Add 1 ½ spoon of Multani mitti powder (Fuller’s Earth) you can easily find it via any nearby ayurvedic store, 3 spoons of aloe vera gel, and add 1 spoon of curd in it. Put all things all together into the mixer grinder to make a fine paste from it. After preparing of paste add in it few drops of olive oil and castor oil to it.

Benefits: effective remedies for baldness, provide hair volume within a month, prevents hair grey, and remove itchiness from your scalp.

Heena’s powerful Hair pack, another most effective Ayurvedic home remedy for your hairs. That provides perfect darker shade and strength to it. After applying of this beneficial hair pack, you find your hair start to grow faster and even increases the density of your hair.

How to use: Use 100 gm of henna powder for it. Next, add 2 tablespoons of amla powder (Indian gooseberry), 1 ½ tablespoon of shikakai (Acacia concinna) and bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata) powder, finally, add to these ingredients black tea water for turns it into a fine paste. Don’t add normal water in this mixture instead of this, only make use of “black tea soaked water”. Besides, if you left it for a whole day or night it provides you the faster-desired result.

Benefits: provides proper nourishment for your hair growth, bring dazzling shine to your hairs, and promote thickness & strengthen to your hair.

Almond oil,

t is an excellent source of Vitamin-E, Protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Makes it effectual easy to use home remedies for the overall hair growth.

How to use: you can directly apply natural organic or cold press almond oil to your hair root for getting the best result of it. Or rather than this, you can also add in it few drops of Castrol oil. For banishing completely dandruff and hair related issues.

Benefits: help in reducing your hair fall, promotes hair growth, and provide natural shining to it.  

Hibiscus, Indian gooseberry, Fenugreek seeds & Coconut oil, it contains antioxidants, amino acids, and anti-fungal properties. Many people experienced better results after applying this useful remedy on their scalp or hair roots. It is quite helpful to re-growth of your hair. It also works well in bald people.

How to use: for the preparation of this oil, you need have to Take 6 to 8 hibiscus fresh flowers, next step get ready to grind or chopped 3 to 4 fresh amla (Indian gooseberry), take 50 gm of fenugreek seeds for this, and put the entire ingredients one by one into the 300 ml of low flame melted coconut oil. When it is fully meltdown inside the pot or pan. Don’t Cook all ingredients for more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it may ruin all valuable nutrients of it.

Benefits: promotes hair growth, stop premature hair graying, increase the volume of your hair, and provides you an attractive shining hair.

Rosemary, Sesame oil & Heena (Ayurvedic hair oil), another, most efficient ayurvedic hair oil for supports your overall hair growth. It helps to regenerate hair follicle in the region of your scalp. Also, Increase blood circulation in particular area of your hair scalp which is necessitate and helps to speed up your hair growth. And the aroma of this oil is literally very effective in terms of refreshing your all senses.

How to use: take Lawsonia inermis (Heena powder), Rosemary powder, Azadirachta indica powder (neem), Indian gooseberry powder (amla), bhringraj powder, shikakai powder, and need to use some base oil sesame and olive oil for the preparation of this oil. Take iron kadai or pan and put inside one cup of sesame oil. Subsequently, insert in low flame oil all ingredients one by one in the measurement of 1 scoop of all herbs. After adding all herbs into this oil stirs with a low flame and cook it not more than 20 to 25 minutes of time. And let left it for some while to properly cool down.

Important– should not add herbs after absolute boiling of this oil.

Benefits: it will make your hair darker in color, also makes it shine full, capable to the re-growth of your new hair, in this process, you get complete rejuvenation of your scalp, reduce hair fall problem. For taking the proper results of it you need have to use it at least 3 to 6 months, then it will provide you with a complete solution for your hairs.

Best Coconut related remedies for you, that works 100% for many peoples, Coconut oil & Natural Herbs, it is easy to prepare and good for use.

How to use: for a better result take fresh curry leaves, needed some fenugreek seeds that are soaked overnight. And add Seedless gooseberry in it and make a fine paste of all together. The best result if you want to get, should prepare this in an earthen pot. Next step, with the help of low flame, add some coconut oil. Subsequently, insert in this oil a paste which is already prepared from three ingredients and cook for some time or may be up to 30 minutes.

Benefits: that is remarkable home remedies in terms of solving all hair related issues. Like- provide protection against baldness, alopecia, gives you thick & long hair.

Castor oil & coconut oil, castor oil is himself a very useful remedy to support faster growing up your hair. But, although you are using along with this coconut oil. You will see tremendous benefits for your hair growth and prevents from further damaging of your hair.

How to use: Take 3 spoons of coconut oil and simultaneously add in it 1 ½ spoon of cold press castor oil.

Benefits: anti-dandruff, anti-fungal, offers you long & strong hair, and also overcome patchy hair losses in both man & women.

Ginger and coconut oil

This remedy is really very effective & easy to use but delivers you amazing benefits within a week.

How to use: take necessitate quantity of melted coconut oil and add in it some good proportion of freshly crushed ginger. You can use this oil for about 15 to 30 days. Store it in an amber glass bottle. Each and every time before you are going to use it doesn’t heat in flame or microwave to meltdown. Instead of this, you can simply melt down the coconut oil with the help of warm water. So for this, simply place this bottle into warm water for a few minutes before making use of it.

Benefits: you should have to try this simple home remedy at least twice a day for some period of time. To get notable changes in your hair growth.

Lavender oil & coconut milk, it is another wonderful home remedy for faster hair growth.

How to use: take some fresh coconut milk and insert in it 5 to 6 drops of lavender oil. Also, add in this oil 1 to 2 spoon of fresh Indian gooseberry (amla) juice. Best, apply before sleep and rinse it off in the morning time with the help of normal water.

Benefits: helpful to boost up your hair growth, remove dandruff, and gives you a beautiful shining look to them.

Remember some useful Tips to prevents damaging of your hair growth

  • Avoid combing of your hairs when they are completely drenched with water.
  • Don’t rub your hair forcefully with your towels after taking the shower to dry out it.
  • From preventing split ends should always trim after some period of time in between of 2 to 3 months or when you required.
  • Before falling asleep brush your hair on regular basis with soft hands. It will help to regulate blood circulation in your scalp area and also distributing oils equally which is producing naturally from the root of your hair. Three to five times a day combing or brushing of your hairs awards great result.
  • During brushing, if you face some uncomfortable situations like- stuck or formation of knots all of sudden within your hair while combing. So for this, don’t need to worry about it so much, simply put few drops of oils on the affected area to detangle of your hair.

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Generally, home remedies are work well but here is the problem with the peoples. They do not want to follow this home remedies with consistency. And that is pretty much required to gain exact result from it. Once, they start to get little bit benefit from it they usually left it in between off. Above mentioned all home remedies are literally dam good and provide you a precise result within a week or month. What are you looking for a long time? But you are unable to achieve it yet! Definitely, you find here an appropriate solution in this regard. All remedies these are mentioned above already helped many peoples and full fill their desires.