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Cindy Nilluka – Chemistry and Physics Teacher (2018-present)
This was not a car dealership. It was worse because it involved one of my 16-year-old twins at the time. It was an oil change business.
She is tiny. Very tiny. At 29 years of age, she still looks 12. She is that tiny.
I had bought her a used vehicle. The sticker showed that the oil needed to be changed. I sent her to a place that others had recommended.
I was at work when I get a phone call. My twins never called me unless it was an emergency.
I answered while standing in front of a class because I just knew something was wrong.
She was hysterical. She said that the man at the oil changing place told her that her car needed a great deal of very expensive work. About 3,400 USD worth of work and that it was required by the law that it be completed before they could release the car to her. He would keep her keys until she paid for the work. The car wasn’t even worth that much.
It took me a few minutes to calm her down and when I did, I told her to pass her phone to the man in charge. He was the person threatening her.
Before I could even speak he tried to tell me the same story. I cut him off. I told him to stop talking. LOUDLY! I told him “I am going to hang up this call now and I am calling 911 (the U.S. emergency number). I will tell them that not only have you abducted a child but that you are committing grand theft auto. Believe me, when I tell you, they will take one look at her and believe it.” I hung up the phone.
I got off the phone and had 24 Physics students staring at me. I explained and they began to applaud. But before the applause was finished, my daughter called me back. She said she now has the keys but they still made her pay for the 29.99 USD for the oil change.
I just told her to pay it and get the heck out of Dodge.
I later learned that the car needed no such work. I also learned they did not change the oil. I took it to another mechanic and he said the oil was sludge. Meaning “not changed”.
There was no social media at this time or I would have smeared this business across all sites.
I could only reduce myself to word of mouth and that is what I did.
Years later, my daughter said this helped her in more than one incident. Her youthful look has stood against her time and time again. She became one of the most assertive young women I have ever met. She never allowed anyone to take advantage of her youthful look nor of her female gender.
My mom recently died and her landlord let family members go in and pack up her apartment after I told her not to let anyone in there. Can I sue her?

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Originally Answered: My mom recently passed and her landlord let family members go in and pack up her apartment after I told her not to let anyone in there. Can I sue her?
When a good friend, from the Marine Corps, was K.I.A., his eldest brother cracked open the deceased’s apartment, before the funeral had taken place. My friend’s widow, also deployed, hadn’t even been notified, yet. By the time she knew of the situation, their home had been ransacked by nearly twenty members of two families.
I called the brother, and offered him an out, which he blew off. Over the next ten days, I contacted each of the offending parties; only two responded, and not favorably. Then, acting on the widow’s behalf, I hired an attorney and filed police reports. I went to the D.A., who filed 98 separate charges against all of the perpetrators, including the management and owners of the complex.
After sixteen months of legal crap, nine of the family members(one was an attorney, another a university economics professor) were convicted of misdemeanors, spent between thirty and sixty days in jail, and paid both restitution and fines of $500.00–6,000.00. The eldest brother, an electrician and small-business owner, now a felon, spent eight months in jail; the widow sued him and won a $450,000.00 settlement. The apartment complex ended up terminating the managers; and, they paid the widow $2.9M.
Not one of these people had been a criminal, prior to the incident. They were simply ignorant, greedy assholes, who deserved everything they got.


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I took my car to Midas for a new muffler. Later they called to say my brakes needed machining and they could not release the car. Is this legal?
I have a friend and I used to take her car in for service. After she purchased a new car, she takes the new car to the dealership. There was a Firestone tire store near her house. I took her car there for a tire problem, I got the same story “Your brakes are so bad that it is unsafe to even drive this car around the corner.“ I called and told my friend and she ok the new brakes on all four wheels. About a month later the radio antenna broke off at the car wash. So I took to car to the same Firestone tire store that had made repairs a month ago. Before they fixed the antenna, I got the same story “Your brakes are so bad that it is unsafe to even drive this car around the corner.” They didn’t remember that they had told me that exact line one month ago and my friend spent over $1000 to get a new brake job at their store. I told them VERY LOUDLY take the car down we are not getting any repairs or work from your RIP OFF store. You told me one month ago I needed full brake job and I got it from your store…. AND NOW ONE MONTH LATER I NEED A FULL BRAKE JOB AGAIN!!! They got me out of there ASAP because customers were coming over to me asking why I was yelling at the workers. I told every customer at the store what my experience was. The worker told me sorry, please leave.
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