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Living on Prana: Breatharian Couple Shares their Journey to Inner Light

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“The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7

Living on Prana: Breath is the sustaining life force. It is the living essence of all things. The brain can shut down, limbs can be lost, sight can grow dark, and still, the human body can survive. But to cease the breath is to end physical life as we know it.

Breatharianism holds that breath is not only the essence of life, but contains all life-sustaining elements necessary for man to live in complete health, peace and harmony with the planet. To nourish the body with prana (life-giving breath) is to be set free.

Many beings living on earth right now have gone through the physical process to transform their bodies for life without food or drink. They’re called breatharians.  We know this way of life is within the human potential, but for most it remains dormant. Not everyone feels called to activate this potential within, but for those of you who do (or who are simply curious about this unique way of life) we asked breatharian couple, Akahi and Camila to stop by Chakra Center and share their unique journey:

Tell us a bit about your background in health/wellness/nutrition, and spirituality. What brought you to the awareness of the breatharian lifestyle?

AKAHI:  My background is a Beautiful and divine ever-expanding path of self knowledge with a non academic structure; it is about living, contemplation, self-exploration of my inner capacities, and realization of my Higher self.

In terms of health, I started learning natural medicine with plants of the Andean nature in 2000, and I did explore that field on many levels for the next 8 years traveling in many countries in South America, learning in small towns and communities from many respected shamans and natural healers around the Andes.

In 2005, I entered into the field of the Sweet Lodge, also known as Temazcal*, guiding, accompanying, and practicing this healing and purification ceremony that brings all the elements of the nature into one rebirthing experience from the womb of the mother earth.  For the next 5 years, in this same stage, I learned about the healing intentional use of sacred plants – especially the cactus San Pedro, also traditionally called Aguacolla, for the awakening of the Consciousness and integrating it into the practice of healing. When I felt it was required for the group or individual, I combined it with sacred songs, meditation and gentle breathing exercises, creating a new modality of neo shamanism.

The intention of collective wellness was always part of these self-discovery practices and experiences.  In terms of nutrition, as I was developing my awareness of the healing processes of the people and myself, naturally the awareness of the importance of a healthy and harmonious diet come as tool to regenerate the cells and health, recognizing the fresh self-grown foods as the best option. Personally, I became vegetarian in 2005, then gradually transitioned to vegan, with a quick jump to raw foods- vegetables and fruits, to reach naturally a diet based on just fresh fruits and juices. My body entered into a process of stabilizing its perfect health and also sharing these discoveries with other people, encouraging them to enter into the live food diet.

In the spirituality aspect, I was aware of the existence and expression of the consciousness, energy, God in the beginning through all my childhood. That was the impulse for me to stop going to school and become self-taught from this freedom that my parents gave me.  I was able to trust in my inner power to create my life accompanied by the power of the Creative energy. This was the spirit that has been guiding me through my whole life, so I always have been a spiritual being in expression in this life. This self-knowing that the spirit is flowing through me in every moment and experience gave me the capacity to trust in its power, and I created a direct communication with it, always asking for the resources that I needed and always having them with me.

The Pranic Consciousness, also called Breatharianism in the labels that the society tries to give to it, came to me as a natural step in my evolution as a spiritual being, and at the first time that it knocked on my door I was totally open to receive it. I didn’t look for it. Actually it came to me as a consequence of my expanded awareness, because I was ready for the next and greater step.

The message came to knock at our door through a friend from Argentina who was looking for a place where she could do her 21 day process. She finally ended up doing her process in the house next door to ours in Sorata, Bolivia.  Through her positive experience and luminous results automatically the process was my next process to integrate. So, my wife and I decided to do it 6 months later in Ecuador.  It evolves with infinitely loving benefits that are continuously in expansion.

CAMILA:  From a young age I always felt drawn to the more “alternative” ways of life and living.  I had a beautiful neighbor growing up who was a channel for Jesus Christ, a clairvoyant, and homeopath, among many other things.  She was the first person to incarnate these possibilities for me to recognize that there were in fact many paths for expressing the wellbeing in this human experience.  The few times I was ill when I was a child, my mother would always send me to her house.   She would feel my symptoms, and give me a homeopathic remedy that was exactly what I needed.  I would take this remedy, and apart from tasting delicious, it always made me feel better.  My mother also had epilepsy and would have very strong seizures, and when this woman came to live close to us, she saw my mother on a day when she felt the symptoms of a seizure coming on.  She touched her head, and balanced her energy, and she never had another seizure after that.

This for me was amazing, and an incredible opening in my awareness to the healing arts.  So my consciousness about medicinal plants and flowers began to grow, as did my awareness of my own energy.  I always loved to collect different plants of power and was really good at remembering what they were all for, so by the time I was a teenager I had an internal encyclopedia of natural medicines and loved to experiment making different teas and also share this knowledge with others.

I left home when I was 17 and began to travel, and in these experiences my exploration of the energy greatened, as I was no longer studying what “I was supposed to be studying,” but instead learning from the life and re-educating myself after years of being “educated” in the system of “public/formal education.”  I began to recognize my capacity to consciously create my present, and my relationship with life deepened.  I explored other plants of power—plants for sacred journeys.  I lived experiences with San Pedro—Aguacolla, which is a beautiful cactus of the Andes of South America, and learned a lot from the visions I had in these moments.  The Temazcal, or sweatlodge—purification through the elements integrated into a rebirth from inside of the womb of the Mother Earth, also came to my life and I immediately remembered my Universal soul through this native ceremony.  I learned, by participating in many, and began to guide ceremonies for women.  In all of these exchanges always existed the intention of creating experiences that would expand the collective consciousness and elevated the awareness of all those involved.  I also learned to make tinctures, oils, and other natural remedies with medicinal and aromatic plants from all around South America.

In terms of nutrition, I became a vegetarian when I was about 11.  I no longer felt the logic in eating meat, and this was a wonderful transition for me because from here I began exploring with my diet and “need” for food.  When I was a teenager I explored fasting, but not in the sense of deprivation or cleansing, just because I could feel that I didn’t really need food; I wasn’t hungry.  So there were days when I wouldn’t eat, and then just fruits, or just vegetables, and this was also the integration of the Universal Pranic consciousness into my life.  I explored veganism for some years, and bounced back and forth with vegetarianism, until around 2007, when I went directly into the raw foods.  Through the simplicity, without all the machines—dehydrators and fancy blenders, I explored the freshness of the fruits and veggies in their natural forms and enjoyed very much how this light energy made me feel, not only in my physical body, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Spiritually, I always felt the presence of something great guiding and protecting my life. This presence showed me that it was there time after time in many experiences and when I became truly independent I felt this presence grow infinitely.  My life began to change a lot when I accepted the God presence inside of me, and my entire focus and projection shifted towards the evolution of consciousness, for all beings.

The Pranic consciousness was the next step in my own evolution, and the seed was planted when a friend told me about the 21 Day Process that was shared in Brasil to ¨Live from Light.”  I was amazed when a year later the possibility knocked on our door, when a friend from Argentina was looking for somewhere peaceful where she could do her transitioning process.  She chose to do it next door to our house, and it was the impulse for my decision, with my husband, to also do this transition 6 months later in Ecuador.

There seems to be many different descriptions and definitions of breatharianism. How would you define the practice, and what does it mean to you?

It is LIFE. It is the life in all it’s expansion. The word breatharianism is really too small to describe the infinite possibilities that we have when we recognize that we are not separated from God, The Source, The energy,*  and return to the universal field of consciousness. It feels good, right, joyful, for me and us the Pranic awareness is permanent happiness, playfulness, joyfulness,  emotional equilibrium , self-realization, enlightenment, mastery, access to the universal laws, permanent health , immortality, synchronicity, creativity, freedom and all the possible extensions of our creation. It is the recognition of the God within each one of us, and the allowance of it in our lives to express the wisdom freely and lovingly.

In your interview with Lilou Mace, you mentioned that your lifestyle is not about denying yourself of anything, but rather freeing yourself from all things. I love this idea, and wondered if you would talk a bit more about how becoming a breatharian has liberated you?

The liberation goes beyond this life time and relationship with this life.  Finally the karma is gone, so I feel that I am totally free to live the way how I chose to, without limitations, or patterns of how I am supposed to live; free of the structure of the 20th century society that was based in competition and challenging each other to survive. We don’t live in the war of surviving.  Instead we just live, infinitely in our own rules that are based in the expression of the God within in every moment, in every breath.

For example, free from the necessity of food and cravings to satisfy  any aspect of the being because we are all the time satisfied with ourselves. Free from death, because we know that in the whole universe only life exists in all dimensions and beyond this physical body. Free from sickness because we know that the Universal life source doesn’t ever get sick and is permanent beauty and purity.  Free of the aging process because we know that the universal energy doesn’t have a beginning or end; it is eternal life in expression. Free to create our own lives knowing that the source of creation is accompanying all our decisions and so many other dimensions of freedom that I will need another interview to finish describing! Free to love myself in every moment of life.

The question on everyone’s mind when it comes to breatharianism is “do you eat at all?” and if so, when was the last time you ate? (more pointedly, how many consecutive days have you gone without eating and drinking, and can the human organism survive indefinitely without food? Or is it necessary to eat occasionally?)

The concept of eating isn’t related to our lives because eating came from a need to satisfy dissatisfaction, and I am always satisfied with myself.  So no, I don’t eat at all. Since 2008, the symptoms of hunger gently have left me.  It feels so fine, and from this state, what I do sometimes when I feel called to be part of a social experience, is enjoy a flavor, the smell, the texture, the information of a fruit a juice, a tea, a piece of chocolate or anything, that my being is happy to experiment, from a place of  enjoying the life, knowing that nothing can affect the awareness of the Prana through us. I don’t need to take care of this state of consciousness because it takes care of itself. Instead, without judging when I experience the flavor I embrace the experience with joy knowing that is light for my being.

For me it has never been about eating or not, but yes, it is about allow myself to express from the Divine that I AM, and radiate the Wisdom of the Ascended Earth.

My only experience was seven entire days, no drinking, in the emptiness of the Infinite Light

And was a deep experience of self-realization and DNA reprogramming.

The human organism enter in the light. This Pranic Consciousness is possible for all those that want to allow themselves to discover the infinite potential within.

I understand that Camila had a breatharian pregnancy. Tell us a bit about that experience. How was the health of the child, and did you meet any controversy over your decision to pursue that path?

Yes, we lived a pregnancy from the Pranic State, the most beautiful and luminous experience of all my life. Because of the awareness and total knowing this state gives me of my being, I knew from the moment our son was conceived that he had begun to incarnate and fuse with me, to cultivate his growth and preparation for manifestation on this beautiful earth.  This was an incredible sensation, because I felt him in my physical body very clearly, as though my entire womb was illuminated with his presence, and that the space inside of me was being opened for him. His manifestation brought also new mental and emotional states, accentuating the clarity and stability of my entire being.  I felt as though I had truly harmonized with my purpose of giving birth to the Master Generation.

The entire development of the pregnancy was very smooth, easy, and totally enjoyable.  I never experienced the common symptoms of early pregnancy, such as nausea/morning sickness, headaches, fatigue.  I did feel the urge to rest, but not from tiredness, simply out of a desire to cuddle and be calm and cozy with my new baby.  As the pregnancy continued into the second trimester, I did a set of blood exams in the fourth month, and the results surprised every medical personnel who studied them.  My blood was extremely pure, without any traces of bacteria or impurities.  My blood count was also in the higher end of the “normal” bracket for a woman my age (24 yrs.), and these numbers did not change the entire pregnancy. This is really uncommon because usually women in the third trimester of pregnancy see a significant drop in these numbers, contributing to the symptoms of pregnancy anemia—iron deficiency. I didn’t worry about these “deficiencies” my entire pregnancy, which is also interesting because I never worried about my diet or the amount of minerals or vitamins I received.

I was completely open to changing my lifestyle when I first became pregnant because my child now came first, however I never felt like this was necessary and I knew that he had always been with me and accompanying my growth; he was already in this consciousness.  I did drink and enjoy flavors out of enjoyment from time to time, but never out of hunger or necessity.  Pure enjoyment and freedom is what dictated these experiences, and I always received these pleasures from that consciousness, knowing that our life is independent of what we put into our bodies, that it is all part of the beautiful diversity that exists for our enjoyment.

Living in the state of conscious breath, in recognition that the life is self-sustaining with every breath, allowed me to create in abundance everything he needed for his growth.  The state of unconditional love cultivates a space of security for the child to grow with confidence. In this way the Prana~Chi~Life Source flows freely through the womb and forms the body of the child, together with their intention of being life and the love of their mother. My son felt also nourished by my love, my excitement for him, and stable emotional state, and this was what allowed him to grow healthily and develop in his transition into his physical body.  The amniotic fluid always carried a vibration of love and calm, and this environment surrounded him during the entire pregnancy, implanting itself in his DNA and physical body, contributing to his perfect health and stable emotional state presently.

There was no opposition or controversy from the outside during my pregnancy because no one can resist the joy.  Each person who knew us always experienced us as happy beings, healthy, and in a state of constant illumination, so they were all just joyful to accompany this new experience and witness the birth of a child in this way, into the world with their very own information, without being effected or weighed down by their parents’ information or genetic chains of centuries passed.  This process was very exciting for all who accompanied us, because it was a new beginning for everyone, and truly the birth of a new generation of Masters, free to live his innate Mastery in the embrace of a family who loves him beyond all current perceptions of love.

Do you believe anyone can live the breatharian lifestyle? Or is it only for a select few?

Yes, anyone with a deep desire to step into the infinite potential within, can shift to the Pranic universal consciousness.  As I always quote, we all are already Breath Airians, or Pranic Beings. We all are breathed by the source of energy,  so to reintegrate this wisdom and to be Pranic again in full  awareness is just a matter of acceptance of the Prana flowing in every breath.  To reeducate the being in this inner capacity, we must receive from the Master within. There are many teachings and tools to share with humanity to help them to return to their natural pranic state. One of the teachings is the *8 day Infinite Pranic Being* Transitional Process. It is an initiation that contains the information that the being needs to reactivate the capacity to be self-sustainable again, and live from the freedom of food matrix and many others.

Do you engage in the practice of Sungazing, and if so, how do you feel the practice of “eating the sun” feeds the body?

We did like to contemplate the sun as a reflection of our inner light, for many years now, but this way is different from sungazing; it is the Inner Light Yoga.

Describe the “nutritional value” of breath to you. What is breath and what role does it play in our overall health?

Prana contains all the elements that a creation needs to be manifested. Our body is a manifestation of Prana. In term of nutritional values, it has them all, but I´d like to clarify that in the Pranic state, the vitamins, proteins and all of that, are irrelevant, they don´t exist.  It is an illusion created for marketing to make a business with the idea for the need for food, based in the illusion of the separation. The 20th century society has created the idea that you are separated from the energy so you need to receive energy to survive, creating a whole big list of needs and requirements to be in the standard energy.   But from this state none of that is true. We are not separated from the energy; I AM the energy that sustains my life and this energy that sustains me is the energy of the love, happiness, and joy.

The breath is the conduit of the energy in our body. It is the mechanism that makes energy circulate through us, interchanging information of life in between all our cells and organs, and systems.  It is the key of life, which is why breathing is the first physical reaction that a being has in the first moment of its birth, because this information is part of our light DNA from before our incarnation.

Everything in the universe is breathing, the planet the trees, the ground, all the animals, all the galaxies are in permanent expansion and contraction. So our bodies are just a reflection of the universal geometry.  When we are conscious of the breath we are synchronized with the Universal breath and naturally our heath is a reflection of the health of the Universe.

What would you say is the ultimate purpose/benefit of breatharianism?

In this time in which the confidence in the food is so weak and problematic, and the need for safe nourishment and energy is creating wars around the planet, the Purpose of the Pranic Consciousness in the planet now in this 2012 planetary shift, is to bring new resources of energy to the humanity so we can live without worries and free to express our natural wisdom in a collective way.  In this way we permit the evolution of the humanity into the Light Humanity that will bring the Heaven on Earth, gradually in the new and next generations.

How can people find you/follow your story?

We are sharing the Universal tools of Pranic supraconsciousness in many ways through the media and personally. Now we are on our world tour, writing this from Sweden sharing an 8 day process, and in the media you all have access to our teachings, via skype by joining our seminars and retreats.

You can follow all of our events and development through our website http://www.akahmi.com , which contains infinite information in this topic in the form of  videos and more.  We also have a youtube channel in which we present a conscious television program called Alegria*TV* presented in English and Spanish through this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/akamicuerposluz?feature=watch,

Also, we have our group in Facebook called the Rainbow Sunshine Family.  In the next months we are starting a new project sharing a weekly  live-stream teleconference that will be available to all of you, sharing questions and answers to support the integration of the Pranic Supraconciousness*

Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes to share our love and light, to let you know that the intelligent energy that creates all our experiences knows exactly how to make us happy, and everything is already synchronizing for the wellness of the humanity in the divine love.We all are now the pioneers, the avatars of the new humanity, and we are doing it so well. Just breathe, and surrender to the universal power.

Ricardo Salas (Akahi ) from Ecuador and Camila Castillo from the United States are a young couple working with distinct techniques of illumination and connection through the breath. They met in Ecuador in 2005 through art. From that moment they understood that life had brought them together, to love and grow together in consciousness and faith, responding to each one´s wish of finding their perfect companion. They began a new life together and set out to travel South America with their art, sharing creative workshops with children and youth in various countries throughout the continent. In 2006 they organized the firstInternational Encounter of Liberal Art and Expression in Bolivia. They also created a store in California with their art, clothing, and handcrafts.