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Mayor Kent Guinn Real Record On Managing The Ocala Police Department

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West Ocala Voters:

Mayor Kent Guinn Real Record on Managing the Ocala Police Department

Whitfield Jenkins, President
Liberation Ocala African American Council, Inc.
The Manal Fakhoury Campaign has provided you with pertinent information for your analytical processing by further researching and challenging present Mayor Kent Guinn leadership, knowledge and administrative abilities to guide the Ocala Police Department to perform for crime abatement and service to all the Ocala community.
Please take time to review Manal Fakhoury campaign flyer of her plans for achieving quality performance of the OPD and the issues she illuminated pertaining to the OPD which occurred under Mayor Guinn leadership. The flyer highlights areas well worth further investigations for more issues and complaints which are relevant and not publicized in the media, but affects the taxpayers of the city and city government.
There should be interests in the totality of legal issues and settlements costing taxpayers beyond the $ 500,000 settlement as listed on the flyers.
What are the facts pertaining to the death of Officer Jared Forsyth and the legal cost to the city of Ocala?
Has anyone raised questions about the crime rate in the City of Ocala under the leadership of previous chief Samuel Williams and the crime rate of previous chief Greg Graham and present chief Belvin.
It should be remembered that the previous chief Williams made public statements during his retirement of his displeasure of Mayor Guinn interference of Guinn’s management of the OPD. Chief Williams had made historical and great progress in equity and diversity in the OPD, which immediately took a downturn upon his departure.
Manal Fakhoury has hit the nail on the head. It requires a plan to achieve substance and measurable success in an agency the size of the OPD.
Mayor Kent Guinn has never presented anything close to the
type of plan which will address the growth and services which Ocala’s needs for all.
Look  closely at Manal plan. We have allowed Mayor Guinn to avoid speaking/answering on his records on the issues illuminated on Manal flyer and others that have occurred. Why has the local media been so silent on the real record of Mayor Guinn and the OPD? Is it because\there is a desire to continue perpetuation of the “Good ole boy” leadership? Well, the time has come for Progressive Change For All.