Johnson, Mae Spirituality Waters, Mazie


Teeth Whitening 4 You


By Mazie Waters
Wake up when you wake up. Get up when you get up. When you get up, move on. Get up and
wake up are similar but are not the same. When your alarm rings in the morning you wake up,
and your sleep ends.  When you get up, you get out of bed. I wake up at 6:00 AM, but I,
occasionally, don't get up until 7:30 AM. Yes, I am awake at 6:00 AM, but I am not fully
functional until 7:30 AM. In a spiritual awakening, you can be awake but not fully up. It may take
you a few days or a few years, to become fully aware.
A spiritual awakening can appear at any time during your life. The key is to be alert and accept
the wisdom that comes with being spiritually awake…and pay attention to your heart. Being
spiritually awake doesn’t mean that you must go to the Church of XYZ. It means that you must
connect with the Divine One on a spiritual level. The Divine One is not so impressed with the
building you attend or the clothes you wear; nor is He isn’t concerned about your oratorial style,
He is more concerned with how you interact and treat his creatures/creations. The Divine One
wants you to be a good Steward of the land, in that, He wants us to protect the: earth, air, and
water of this great planet. That can be something as simple as recycling aluminum, and plastic,
or not killing merciful animals, for pure pleasure. I beg you to take the small steps and the rest
will rectify itself.
Spirit of Love and Benevolence is now Spiritual Awakening.
Love, Peace, and Joy to You.