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Teeth Whitening 4 You

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By Lucius Gantt

Today is a wonderful day. I’m wondering who you think your “leader” is

Is your leader your father, mother, sibling or grand parent? Is your employer or boss the person that guides you on the path of progress and productivity?

Does your teacher, trade school instructor or college professor correctly tell you how to make it in capitalistic America? Can your leader possibly be your Preacher, Pastor, Priest or Imam?

Some Gantt Report readers allow the imperialist press, major broadcast networks and social media so-called influencers to tell you who to listen to, believe in and follow. Should you be doing that?

I think the self-proclaimed and suggested leaders our people choose to be our shepherds should be able to lead America’s, and the world’s, flocks of Black people out of devilish pastures and into Paradise, the Promised Land or the Land of Plenty!

In the United States, every state, city, county and neighborhood has men and women who are recognized as leaders. Yet oppression, exploitation, voter suppression, political corruption, police brutality and misconduct, poverty, violence, racial conflict, urban gentrification and decaying cities continue to be commonplace.

I think a rudimentary look at what your leaders do and say can tell you a lot about their ability to lead.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m smart enough to know I can’t expect all Black leaders to be perfect but I certainly expect Black leaders to be more perfect than imperfect!

I laugh when elected officials are crowned as centers of Black community leadership.  Some people of African descent are just happy to get a political title. They love to be called “president”, “senator”, “representative” or “councilman”.

When bad things happen in America’s ghettos and barrios, Black so-called political leaders are sometimes as quiet as a church mouse until they get talking points from non-Black politicians.

I pray that God can send His children another Moses or Joshua. Send someone that will fight for the people that need effective leaders the most.

Poverty and many of the problems we face can be eliminated if our so-called leaders can generate money for the world’s Black citizens.

Marching and singing hasn’t improved our lot. The misguided and misinformative prayers haven’t helped either.

I believe God truly helps his Children that help themselves.

Start following and supporting our community leaders that can generate the revenue we need to build our neighborhoods, create jobs, contracts and other economic opportunities.

Leaders that talk loud and say nothing permeate Black societies and communities.

This idea that we can imitate or duplicate the ways that other races use to capitalize on our misfortunes should be discredited and abandoned.

In other words, just because you deposit your money into a Black-owned digital bank, for instance, does not necessarily mean you can go on the internet and get yourself a mortgage or a business loan to finance your dream home or business.

The money you have that is deposited in the bank that you use has been loaned to your enemies, not you.

Many of the world’s top banks have “wealth building” programs, trading desks and other programs that can pay 100% interest to you monthly while your bank may pay you .03% interest on your savings accounts.

We will need billions to do things in our communities that we need.

We can generate billions for Black people around the world if we would only work together, pool our available resources and identify Black leaders and Black businesses that can deliver us from evil, physically, mentally, financially and spiritually.

A Black sheep looking to have a better life will never be happy with the tactics and strategies of a Black, or white, wolf!