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The Gantt Report – Political Beast Mode

Teeth Whitening 4 You

By Lucius Gantt

     It has been said that “the freaks come out at night”. I say the political beasts come out shortly before 2020 election day.

     Yes, after the white male political advisors have spent hundreds of million dollars with white media companies, white pollsters, white direct mail companies and white sign printers, that’s the time when political campaigns and political parties make their most ominous moves!

     That is when campaigns and candidates go into “Political Beast Mode”!

      Every election year, after every TV commercial is bought that can be bought, after every direct mail piece has been mailed and delivered and after every political stump speech has been given, then the political beast will seek to gather some political crumbs to hand out to Black newspapers and Black oriented radio stations.

      I’m not complaining about crumbs. If I have a political hunger and I want my business to get fed, I too will be grateful for a political crumb, also known as “hush N-word” money.

       In every election cycle, Black people donate money to political candidates and to political parties. This year, Blacks contributed millions to Democrats after Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate.

       Hmmm? Fewer Black campaign dollars go to Republicans and other political parties and causes but Democrat and Republican campaign spending combined with African Americans vendors and professionals are always less than three percent of all dollars spent.

        Blacks love the political party they are in but the political party spends money with the people they love. Perhaps Blacks get less advertising, less consultation business, less printing business and so forth because they get less political love. Perhaps African Americans are looking for love in all the wrong political places.

     Thanks to Obama. White Democrats bombard your email address with five to ten email messages a day begging you for more money because Barack Obama, or his staffer, gives your contact information to any white Democrat that asks for it but I don’t have to tell you that no one will give Black candidates all the contact info they need about white voters.

     Beast mode politics is alive and well!

     Let’s get together, let’s stay together and let’s give our political contributions to candidates and political parties that think we have political value, let’s endorse and support political candidates and parties that endorse issues, initiatives and causes that Black people endorse and support and let’s groom future candidates that we can access and talk to and those that will do what we want them and need them to do once they are selected and elected into public office.

     There are good and bad things about every candidate trying to win a political race. Sometimes, however, what’s good for the white goose is not good for the Black gander.

     We have to VOTE! Our future depends on our political understanding, our political wisdom and our political activism.

     But we need to abandon the practice of rubber stamping the ideas and traditional practices of any party that we put first while the party we have loved puts us last!

     You don’t have to convince me that one party is better for us than the other major party. I can see how we’re treated when political devils go into Beast Mode.

     The lies, false promises and dirty tricks will be in full effect for the next month and a half. candidates will pretend to be your friend, pretend to be your confidant, pretend to be your benefactor, pretend to be your political savior and many candidates will fake like they care about you.

      The white political ice is not colder than the Black ice. You are often considered to be three fifths of your non-Black neighbors but your votes are 100 percent equal.

     This year let’s beat down and beat back America’s Political Beast Mode practices and policies.

      When you cast your vote in 2020, vote for the person or issue that is best for you.

      Black votes matter and Black money matters more!