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Stay Close to The Heart

Stay Close - Walk-E-Way Production

Sometimes we see the world and each other as objects to be used and discarded. This is when we become separated from the soul/heart. Being separated from the heart, the human being becomes confused. Sicknesses and every sort begin to appear; starting within the body as many illnesses and eating disorders can arise. This can lead to mental illnesses, mistrust, self-hatred, self-destruction, and abuse. When we are cut off from our awareness, we are cut off from ourselves, our family, our friends, and the world. This is a time when we can become increasingly fearful, depressed, and detached from everyday living; and we begin to see society as flawed and something abstract. This causes us to lose trust.

Stay Close to Family

Being connected to family and friends helps up to become aware of the loneliness of being in a “me against the world” mentality. The family also can keep us from falling into a state of the notion that reason, alone, is a source of knowledge and understanding. Family can help us to not be influenced or controlled by the destructive opinions of others. Family can also help us have better behavior when it comes to that which matters.

In all, it is important for families to love and appreciate each other. When we leave the family structure, we damage our family and ourselves.