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Keeping It Natural: Love the Skin You Are In

Teeth Whitening 4 You

by Mae Johnson

Love the Skin You Are In

There will be those who love you and those who do not care for you.  There will be those who make you feel good about yourself and   those who will tear you down.  This article is about Choosing your acquaintances carefully and learning to feel comfortable within.

Choosing Your Energy Level

When two people vibrate on different energy level, someone must give in.  The one on the lower plane can go up higher or the one on the higher plane can come down to a lower level.  It is difficult for two individuals to successfully exist on difference frequencies.   When there is a choice, choose the highest level and watch the contentment it brings.

Choosing Happiness

Taking charge of your happiness, especially when it is comes how you feel about yourself, can be one of the most tenacious things to do when you do not feel self-assured. Sometimes you may criticize yourself and feel timid around those who make you feel insecure.  However, it is important to embrace the beauty within, and love yourself for who you are. Do not let anyone tell you differently.

You Are Beautiful

Even though it can be difficult to feel beautiful inside, when there are those, who are telling you are anything but.   You can overcome pessimistic thoughts and learn to accept yourself for who you are and find ways to feel comfortable in your own skin.  It is a matter of taking control.

Taking Control

The first step to taking control of your life is to stop caring about what others think.  If you could go into the mindset of your   adversary, you would find that they have low self-esteem.  They attack you because it makes them feel better about their station in life.  Somehow, they feel if they attack you, no one would be aware of how insecure they are.  By focusing on you, all eyes are diverted away from them. In essence, hurt people, hurt people.

Words to Live By: Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin; you are not made for everybody.