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The Gantt Report – Stop the Real Steal

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The Gantt Report – Stop the Real Steal

Most learned and studious people in the United States have heard about how angry white people gathered in cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 and in Rosewood, Florida in 1923 to rob, lynch and attempt to murder Black men, women, children and babies.


The Blacks were hated in the two cities because they were prosperous and progressing in business, education and in other aspects of life.

Few people, however, know that before Tulsa and Rosewood, in 1906 Black people in Atlanta were attacked by violent and wicked mobs of white racists. In the Capitol City of the Peach State, Blacks were hanged from lampposts and trees, others were shot, beaten or stabbed to death.

Today, Blacks in major cities across America are being victimized by multiple forms of violence.

We are being “Roberta Flacked”, so to speak. They are killing us softly!

Mob attacks in 2022 will result in violent responses by armed Blacks and other people of color.

No, devilish haters do not want to truly risk sparking a race war. In a race war, the combatants don’t care who they hurt. Bloodshed will flow far and wide.

So, what do the haters do, they plot, plan and scheme to find ways to harm us spiritually, academically and financially.

I don’t care what your so-called leaders tell you because many of them are on the devil’s payroll.

Wherever you live, your business, your property and your homes are being taken from you and your family.

Your elected officials are allowing real estate brokers, real estate developers, banks and insurers to push you out of urban and inner city areas by doubling and tripling rents prices and redlining Black neighborhoods as areas where residents should not be loaned money for persons or businesses.

This government accepted idea about developers providing low-income housing or mixed development is a cruel joke. Your Mayors and City Commissioners are convincing you that Black people that currently pay $700 for a one bedroom apartment should now pay $1500 for a one bedroom in the same community with bad roads and streets, food deserts, wide open drug dealing, street gambling and prostitution.

They are treating grandma worse. It is criminal, in my mind, for elected officials to raise grandma’s property taxes from $300 to $3000 a year. Our elders on government assistance or fixed incomes cannot easily pay drastic increases on housing, food, gas and their other bills.

And, don’t tell me about so-called rich African Americans. The devil will give a few Black people a million or a billion-dollar contract or paycheck. However, one billion dollars to you might be like a pot of gold but to Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, they could lose that much on a cruise ship craps table and never miss it.

If you don’t know, there are companies around the world that generate a billion dollars a day!

In real terms, the average Black man or woman can’t even borrow their own money. If you walk into a bank and say I have $25,000 in your bank and I want to borrow $20,000, the bankers will look at you and laugh.

There are a lot of “banks”, but an internet bank is not a “trading bank”. A rapper or other owner of a bottom 25 bank can’t go to sleep and dream about doing what a top 25 bank can do.

The Black people in the world that can do banking deals for billions and trillions of dollars strike fear in the minds and hearts of Blacks that love to do as they are told instead of doing what is right.

How long will we be longing for a better, more fair and happier life?

If the exploitive and oppressive people in America want you silenced, they will quiet you by jacking up your cash flow.

Our communities, homes and businesses can be saved but it will take a united effort.

Stop the Steal of Black homes, property and businesses!